Advice from State Reps to incoming college freshman

From balancing your finances to succeeding academically, attending college can be an overwhelming experience as well as an exciting time for incoming college freshmen.

In an effort to provide guidance to those heading off to college for the first time,  Illinois lawmakers offer practical advice to help new students excel while in school. 

“Never walk alone, don’t leave your drink unattended, and say “no” to the credit card they push you to sign up for in the student union.” ~Leader Tony McCombie

“Get to know the service workers around campus. They can offer great advice and help you when you need it.” ~Representative Dan Ugaste

“Relationships are just as important as your education. Take the initiative to meet with your professors in office hours and build those relationships. Don’t just be a number!” ~Representative Bradley Fritts

“Take some time before going to campus to learn about the safety services available to students. Many campuses will have dedicated campus police, along with emergency blue lights and emergency alert systems. Make sure you understand how these services work, and always continue to use good safety practices by limiting walking at night and always traveling in a group.” ~Representative Dan Swanson

“Look at college like an investment. Major in a degree that will produce a good return on that investment so you can pay off your loans and have a stable career.” ~Representative Kevin Schmidt

“Enjoy the time you spend at college, it goes fast.” ~Representative Mike Marron

“Take time to meet new people and build new relationships. A great way to meet a lot of people quickly is to be engaged on your campus by joining a club, playing intramural sports, or getting involved in student government.” ~Representative Tim Ozinga

“Make as many mistakes as you can, that’s how you learn.” ~Representative Jeff Keicher 

“First, establish good grades early on in your college career. You can do this by facilitating practices like taking good notes or attending a professor’s office hours. Second, look into social activities like Greek life. Your social education is a part of your experience too, just make sure to balance it with school work!” ~Representative Randy Frese 

“Don’t spend all your money! Costs add up quickly and having a good budget and sticking to it is very important.” ~Representative Amy Elik 

“Enjoy your experience, but also make sure you work hard. Balance is the key to success.” ~Representative John Egofske 

“Never miss a class, always do your homework, and study the night before a test. Also, make sure to ask your professor what will be on the exam. Usually, they want to tell you.” ~Representative Travis Weaver 

“Spend time getting to know your campus police. You never know when you may need their help.” ~Representative Dennis Tipsword

“Pursue a degree in something versatile, life loves to throw curveballs.” ~Representative Jed Davis