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Lawmakers join Governor to celebrate bipartisan work to attract data center construction to Illinois. A bipartisan coalition of lawmakers joined Governor Pritzker in Chicago on Monday to discuss how new data center incentives will help bring new jobs to Illinois and grow the state economy. The ceremony, held at the Digital Reality Data Center near McCormick Place, was also attended by business leaders, labor leaders, trade groups and existing data center business representatives.

President Kennedy, Congressman Yates, and Governor Kerner
sit in the back of a convertible, Springfield, Illinois, 1962.
Photo from the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library & Museum.
In October 1962, an American U-2 reconnaissance plane photographed a series of Soviet missile bases being built in Cuba. Alerted to this serious threat, President John F. Kennedy and his defense and foreign policy advisers launched an effort to remove the missiles, either through diplomacy or by force. Global tensions soared to a point where any spark might have ignited World War III.

Four days into the crisis, that spark nearly happened; not in Cuba or Berlin or any other Cold War flashpoint, but in Springfield, Illinois.

Sterigenics to permanently shut down troubled Willowbrook plant. The plant, located in Chicago’s suburbs near Interstate 55, emitted ethylene oxide, a poisonous chemical used to sterilize medical equipment and other devices. The Willowbrook plant was in operation until 2018, during which time Sterigenics assured neighbors that the plant was “safe” – that it operated a sealed cycle that did not release the ethylene oxide as poisonous vapor into the Chicago-area atmosphere.
Manufacturing is one of Illinois’ largest economic engines, providing more than 592,000 jobs across the state and accounting for twelve percent of the Gross State Product.

This year, House Republicans led the charge to modernize and make permanent the Manufacturer’s Purchase Credit (MPC) to save Illinois manufacturers more than $40 million and help them thrive in the Land of Lincoln. Under the new law, manufacturers will not pay state or local sales tax on consumables used or consumed in the manufacturing process. These include things like fuel, solvents, coolants, oils, adhesives, hand tools, protective apparel, and fire and safety equipment.
In September of 1982 a series of random murders in Illinois shocked and horrified the nation. Over the course of two days, seven people in Cook and DuPage counties died after taking Tylenol capsules which had been tampered with and laced with cyanide. The crime led to a massive investigation, one of the largest product recalls in American history and drastic changes to the safety features on medicine bottles and other containers on store shelves across the country.

It is also a case that was never solved. 
Spain named House Republican Conference Chairman. State Representative Ryan Spain was appointed by House Republican Leader Jim Durkin to the post of House Republican Conference Chairman, joining Durkin’s leadership team.

“I welcome Ryan to the Leadership team with great enthusiasm. Ryan is a young, thoughtful member whose vision strongly reflects the values of our caucus,” said Leader Durkin regarding the appointment.  
If someone wrote a book about the fifth Governor of Illinois and you went to the library to check it out, they would let you keep the book almost as long as William Lee Davidson Ewing kept the governorship.

Ewing never sought either of the state’s top two offices, but attained them both in the space of less than two years. His stay in the governor’s office in Vandalia was the shortest of any Illinois chief executive: just sixteen days.