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Protecting the public from crime and keeping communities safe is among the highest priorities of Illinois State Representative Patrick Windhorst and House Republican lawmakers. Windhorst talks about the efforts of House Republicans to curb rising crime rates in Illinois on Have All Voted Who Wish.

A former prosecutor, Windhorst leads the House Republican's Truth in Public Safety working group (TIPS) which focuses on enacting solutions to combat rising crime and improve public safety in Illinois. Windhorst provides a synopsis of the legislative solutions introduced by members of the TIPS working group that includes measures to hold criminals accountable, provide mental health services, recruit and train law enforcement professionals, reduce recidivism and protect crime victims. Rep. Windhorst believes that passing the legislative package produced by the working group would improve the safety of all Illinoisans.

Illinois State Representative Bill Hauter's legislation making it easier for those with bleeding disorders to receive medical care without the delay of insurance preauthorization, awaits the Governor's signature. 

Hauter's bill puts patients first by removing the emergency room visit requirement for insurance pre-authorization ensuring patients with bleeding disorders get the prompt acute care they need.

Legislation carried in the Illinois House of Representatives by State Representative Ryan Spain (R-Peoria) and co-sponsored by fellow Peoria area State Representatives Travis Weaver (R-Edwards) and Jehan Gordon-Booth (D-Peoria), as well as the delegation of legislators from the Peoria area, passed the House today and is now ready to be signed into law. The legislation, Senate Bill 2936, expands a property tax abatement process to improve investment opportunities.

Illicit fentanyl is being distributed across the country including here in Illinois. Sold on the illegal drug market, Fentanyl is often mixed with other illicit drugs to increase its potency. It is sold as powders and nasal sprays, and increasingly pressed into pills made to look like legitimate prescription opioids or rainbow colored tablets that look like candy.

The tragic reality:  A very small dose of Fentanyl can be lethal.

State Representative Brad Stephens (R-Rosemont) and Senate President Don Harmon (D-Oak Park) are one step closer to improving traffic safety around O’Hare Airport.

In response to reports of dangerous conditions around the airport, Harmon and Stephens passed legislation prohibiting drivers from stopping their vehicles on the shoulder of the road anywhere within a half-mile radius of O’Hare.

Deputy Republican Leader Norine Hammond was a guest on the Season 39 premiere of “Illinois Lawmakers.” The long-running series is now being produced by Capitol News Illinois.

Representative Hammond and host Jak Tichenor discussed concerns with the pending Illinois State Budget for Fiscal Year 2025. Hammond indicated that House Republicans have not yet been included in budget negotiations. She expressed the Caucus’ opposition to Governor JB Pritzker’s proposed tax increases on Illinois businesses, as well as the Governor’s proposal to transfer $175 million from the Road Fund for Chicago-area mass transit. 

With the State of Illinois facing an estimated $775 million budget deficit and Governor JB Pritzker calling for more than $1 billion in tax hikes on Illinois families and businesses, State Representative C.D. Davidsmeyer (R-Murrayville) has filed legislation to end Illinois’ healthcare benefits program for undocumented immigrants.

Last week, Rep. Davidsmeyer introduced House Bill 5846 which would repeal the Health Benefits for Immigrant Adults and Seniors (HBIA/HBIS) Programs. The State of Illinois currently provides free healthcare benefits for undocumented immigrant adults at an annual estimated cost of nearly $700 million. Over the first four fiscal years of the HBIA/HBIS programs, the State will have spent more than $2 billion in taxpayer funds on healthcare benefits for undocumented immigrants.