This year more than 180 bills will go into effect as new state laws. Those laws will affect healthcare, children in state care, reduced fees for seniors and more. Some of those new laws you should know about include:
  • The cost of license plate registration will be reduced from $24 to $10 for low-income seniors and people with disabilities (HB5304) 
SAFE-T Act faces courtroom test. The controversial law is set for implementation on Sunday, January 1. Prior to that date, the constitutionality of the new law will face a series of counts in Illinois court. Elements of the new law appear to perform what lawyers call a series of “prima facie” end runs around the plain language of the Constitution of Illinois. Approximately 60 lawsuits filed by state’s attorneys against the controversial new Act have been consolidated into a single proceeding against the State of Illinois.


Second week of Veto Session concludes. The Illinois House and Senate convened this week for the second week of Veto Session. The session dealt with major issues of State policy on which action was required prior to New Year’s Day.

This will not be the final session of the 102nd General Assembly. Lawmakers are scheduled to return to Springfield during the first week of January 2023 for a “lame duck” session to consider an assault weapons ban and further gun control measures, as well as other possible issues. The new 103rd General Assembly will be sworn into office during the January 11, 2023 Inauguration.