Legislation to Improve Firearm Safety and 2nd Amendment Rights Passes House

State Representative Ed Sullivan (R-Mundelein) passed legislation in the Illinois House this week to improve and clarify several aspects of the landmark legislation that gave Illinoisans the right to conceal and carry their firearms. As the marathon final week of the spring legislative session in Springfield nears its finale, it hasn’t just been budget legislation that has taken the forefront. Senate Bill 836, an omnibus bill consisting of several smaller pieces of legislation, passed the House with major bipartisan support and now awaits concurrence in the Senate before being put on Gov. Rauner’s desk.

“I was very proud to be involved when we crafted the original concealed carry legislation that finally ended the infringement of 2nd Amendment rights in Illinois,” said Sullivan. “That being said, when such major legislation is created, it is always important to review it and apply follow-up changes to improve it, which is precisely the purpose of this omnibus bill. Not only does the bill clarify several ambiguous and onerous aspects of the original law, but it also makes some important safety improvements.” Read more.