It's time to Reimagine Illinois

If you could build a better Illinois, what would it look like?
  • How would we end the culture of corruption?
  • What would we do to lower taxes and balance the budget?
  • How can we create more job and opportunities for our families?
  • What should be our strategy to keep our communities safe and reduce crime?
We asked ourselves the same questions and our answers resulted in a plan we call Reimagine Illinois.  Our plan for building a better Illinois focuses on the following four components:

1. Ending the Culture of Corruption
For far too long Illinoisans have been paying the high price of corruption. Corruption decreases economic growth and discourages investment in our state. Misuse of funds and the misallocation of resources benefits a few at the expense of everyone else resulting in fewer dollars for education, veterans, seniors and other vital services. Ultimately it costs taxpayers plenty in rising property and income taxes. And worse, it erodes public trust in elected officials.

We want to pass legislation that ends the culture of corruption in Illinois by eliminating conflicts of interests, removing partisan politics from drawing legislative boundaries and giving citizens more control of their government.

2. Responsible Fiscal Leadership
It seems that politicians often forget that the money they are spending comes from hard working Illinois families. Decades of reckless spending and borrowing has created record debt. Failures to address inefficiencies in government agencies has led to overblown budgets and at the same time reductions in services. More spending means higher taxes for everyone.

Our proposed legislation will keep Illinois residents top of mind when it comes to balancing the budget, opening up the budget process to all, taking on pension reform and tackling government inefficiencies.

3. Growing Jobs and Opportunities for our Families
We’ve seen the stats, people are leaving the state of Illinois in large numbers. Some because of rising taxes and others because of falling job opportunities. This year, the loss of population will cost Illinois at least one congressional seat and millions of federal dollars. This will result in less representation, less money and fewer opportunities for our families.

We want to institute policies that recognize a well-trained workforce equals job growth, protecting the health and well-being of families means greater opportunities for them and allowing job creators to grow means more revenue for the state of Illinois.

4. Ensuring Public Safety
Across Illinois we see an unchecked rise in violent crime. Carjackings, shootings and other senseless acts violence have Illinois residents living in fear of criminals. All the while law-abiding citizens are denied access to FOID cards through endless delays and our law enforcement officers don’t receive the support they need from our government.

Every Illinois family deserves a neighborhood free of violence. Our initiatives will implement reforms to make sure public safety officials are prepared for their positions and help recruit and retain the best and the brightest in law enforcement. We also propose improvements to the FOID application process and a study of the bail reform to ensure communities are safe and free of organized criminals.

If you like our plan and think it's time to Reimagine Illinois then we ask you to please sign our petition to show your support.