BetterCare for Illinois’ Medicaid clients

Described as one of the most significant developments in public health in Illinois history, the federal government approval of an Illinois’ 1115 Waiver has set the stage to implement an innovative strategy to improve behavioral health outcomes for Medicaid clients. The new program is called BetterCare Illinois.

The waiver will allow Illinois to use its federal Medicaid match in a more effective manner, which will improve the quality of care to Medicaid populations. Among other strategies, Illinois will now be able to shift from institutional settings to community-based care for Medicaid patients in need of mental health or substance abuse care. The overall goal of the Better Care Illinois is to improve population health and experience of care, as well as reduce costs. The focus will be on:
  • Prevention and population health
  • Paying for value, quality, and outcomes
  • Rebalancing from institutional to community care
  • Data integration and predictive analytics
  • Education and self-sufficiency
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