Hanna City Work Camp site may work for taxpayers again

“Persistence pays off, and a refusal to give up never hurts.”
~ Rep. Mike Unes on  moving his legislation to sell
Hanna City Work Camp through the General Assembly.
A longtime Peoria County eyesore could soon be up for sale if the Illinois Legislature follows through.

If you’ve driven along Illinois Route 116 on your way to Hanna City or to Farmington, you’ve likely glanced out your window at the dilapidated collection of structures gradually being reclaimed by nature and, like us a week ago on the way to breakfast, tutted over the ugliness.

For years, that’s been the gradually declining condition of the former Hanna City Work Camp, which has sat vacant and unused.

About a decade ago the state-owned facility was turned over to the county through legislation, though in the intervening years the local government hasn’t found anything to do with it, despite a lot of brainstorming. Read the rest of the story.