Reaction to Governor's budget address

Governor Bruce Rauner delivered his budget address today to members of the General Assembly. He made clear that he is ready to work across party lines to enact a balanced budget, one that includes reforms that will grow the economy and benefit taxpayers.

He stated his preferred budget is one that is “responsible and compassionate,” but also stressed it had to be balanced. The Governor promised to work with lawmakers to enact cost saving reforms, grow the jobs market and enhance state revenues. However, if Democrats remain unwilling to work in a bipartisan manner, the Governor stated he is willing to reduce spending to bring it in line with revenue. Either way, the governor asked the General Assembly to pass an historic increase in education funding and ensure school openings are not delayed in the fall.

Here is what some of our members are saying about the Governor’s budget address:
“I agree with the Governor’s call for an urgent resolution to our budget impasse.  It is beyond unacceptable that we have not reached a bipartisan resolution to this impasse”  ~ Rep. Norine Hammond (Macomb)
“…The situation we face now is a product of years of mismanagement that cannot continue and I applaud him for offering two realistic paths forward and again calling for politics to be set aside so we can get this done.” ~ Rep. Barbara Wheeler (Crystal Lake)
“I appreciate the leadership shown by Governor Bruce Rauner today. He laid out two paths toward a balanced budget: one which includes a mix of structural reforms, new efficiencies and new revenue; and a second which includes deep cuts if reforms are rejected. The Governor let us know that he is willing to do either, but implored the General Assembly to work with him on the comprehensive approach.” ~ Rep. Chad Hays (Catlin)
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