Where's the Democratic 'turnaround agenda'?

"We don't have a plan," said Democratic Rep. Ken Dunkin, D-Chicago.

"(Republican Gov. Bruce) Rauner is coming up with his suggestions, and us Democrats ... need to force a plan situation in our Democratic caucus," he said. Democrats need to say, "Look, here is our proposal, here is our solution for the Chicago Public Schools. Here is our solution for resolving the pension crisis."

Normally I don't look to Dunkin for clarity. He's become an erratic Democrat, breaking ranks with his party at several key moments in recent months as part of a flirtation with Rauner that's arguably prolonging the perilous power struggle in Springfield.

But when he tossed off this observation Tuesday during a panel discussion on WTTW-Ch.11's "Chicago Tonight," I pressed rewind on the DVR several times so I could transcribe the observation exactly. Read Eric Zorn's take in the Chicago Tribune.