Suburban taxpayers forgotten in CPS bailout talk

The political news is of Gov. Bruce Rauner taking his verbal hickory stick to Democratic bosses — and his former little buddy Mayor Rahm Emanuel — who refuse to reform Chicago Public Schools finances.

He smacks them. They tell him to go jump. Insiders are amused by it all, considering it a political blame game or a battle between Rauner and public unions.

Other people involved, mentioned, but as a prop: The kids. Far too few CPS students are ready for college when they graduate. Most of those students are minorities, and they're used by a corrupt system that has failed them as it has generations before. Those who count are the unions, patronage bureaucrats and vendors. The students are an excuse to funnel the cash to special interests. Who does not know this? What has gone on for decades under Democratic rule at CPS is a crime against civil rights.

But there are others who've also been forgotten in the story of the CPS meltdown: Suburban taxpayers with kids in suburban public schools. Read the entire column by John Kass in the Chicago Tribune.