New Laws for 2016

These 237 piece of legislation were signed into law and will take effect in 2016.

Clarifying “Discovery” Court Procedures (P.A. 99-0110, HB 95)
Provides that discovery and depositions shall be in accordance with rules of the Illinois Supreme Court. This law expands the definition of “discovery” to include physical and mental examinations and the taking of any depositions.

SMLCR Act Bond Increased (P.A. 99-0224, HB 123)
Amends the Surface-Mined Land Conservation and Reclamation Act by increasing the amount of any bond that is required to be filled out with the Department of Natural Resources by an operator to any amount between $600 and $10,000 per acre (Currently $600 to $5,000). Also changes the name of the Fluorspar and Underground Limestonee Mines Act to the Fluorspar Mines Act.

Carbon Monoxide Alarms (P.A. 99-0470, HB 152)
School Boards must require all schools under their authority to be equipped with approved carbon monoxide alarms or carbon monoxide detectors. These alarms may be purchased using the fire prevention and safety tax levy proceeds or bond proceeds.

Colorblind School Standards (P.A. 99-0084, HB 163)
Prohibits the State Board of Education from having separate performance standards for students based on race or ethnicity.

Mistaken Identity Arrest Records (P.A. 99-0363, HB 169)
If a person has been arrested for a criminal offense and an investigation reveals that there was a case of mistaken identity, the law enforcement agency whose officers made the arrest must delete or retract the arrest records of the person who was mistakenly identified.

Other Sources for Road Monies (P.A. 99-0171, HB 182)
Allows townships and road districts to tap into road funding sources other than the Motor Fuel Tax Fund (MFT) for maintenance and improvement on non-dedicated subdivision roads as long as it does not exceed the amount that would be allocated under the MFT formula.

Cytomegalovirus Awareness (P.A. 99-0424, HB 184)
Establishes cytomegalovirus (CMV) public education and sets forth guidelines for the Department of Public Health to follow when creating informational materials for parents of newborns regarding cytomegalovirus. Cytomegalovirus is an immune virus that can infect anyone with systems similar to the fatigue effects of mononucleosis that can weaken the immune system and leave a person vulnerable to greater illness.

Penalties for Non-Electric Cars Parking in E-Car Charging Station Spaces (P.A. 99-0172, HB 198)
Prohibits the parking of non-electric vehicles in charging station spaces designated for electric vehicles, sets fines for violations, and imposes rules for municipalities for posting signs about the prohibited use and fine amounts.

Illinois State Pie (P.A. 99-0364, HB 208)
Designates Pumpkin Pie as the official state pie of Illinois. Illinois leads the nation in pumpkin production.

Prohibits “Conversion Therapy” on Minors (P.A. 99-0411, HB 217)
Creates the Youth Mental Health Protection Act and provides that no mental health provider shall engage in “conversion therapy,” or sexual orientation change efforts with a person under the age of 18.

Limitations On Creation Of New Units Of Government (P.A. 99-0353, HB 228)
Prohibits the creation of new forms of local government in Illinois and prohibits the General Assembly from dividing units of government.  This does not affect the creation of local special districts such as road districts, water districts, sanitation districts, school districts and park districts.  This law will sunset in 4 years.

New Homicide Evidence Handling Guidelines For Coroners (P.A. 99-0354, HB 233)
The new evidence handling guidelines are an agreement between the Illinois State Police and the Coroner’s Association. They require coroners to properly preserve specimens (by freezing, if equipment is available) and release them to investigating law enforcement agencies within 30 days. Police agencies receiving the specimens will submit them to a National DNA Index System-participating laboratory for analysis, and then provide the analysis and other findings to the Illinois State Police.

Dental Coverage Provided to Autistic and Developmentally Disabled Persons (P.A. 99-0141, HB 235)
Insurance providers must cover charges incurred, and anesthetics provided in conjunction with dental care for persons under the age of 19 who have been diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder or a developmental disability.

Creation of “Scott’s Law Day” (P.A. 99-0146, HB 246)
Designates December 23 as "Scott's Law Day" to honor public safety workers and to remind motorists to slow down, change lanes away from a stationary authorized emergency vehicle, and proceed with due regard to safety and traffic conditions.

Disciplinary Rules for Court Security Officers (P.A. 99-0010, HB 299)
Clarifies that only court security officers hired as certified applicants through the Sheriff’s Merit Commission will be disciplined under those guidelines, while other officers will be subject to the guidelines upon which they were hired.

Payment Schedule for Paying Oil Well Royalties (P.A. 99-0129, HB 313)
Allows those that pay out royalties to individuals that own the rights to oil wells to combine all payouts for a given year into one single payment if the royalties due to the individual that owns rights to the oil well is less than $100. The payment can be made once a year rather than in several small installments throughout the year. This changes the current threshold from $25 to $100 for the aggregation of these payments.

Creates Recyclable Metal Theft Task Force (P.A. 99-0052, HB 330)
Creates the Recyclable Metal Theft Task Force within the Secretary of State’s office.  This task force will study the ongoing problem of recyclable metal theft in Illinois and report to the General Assembly and Governor annually.

Establishment of Bobcat Hunting Season (P.A. 99-0033, HB 352)
Removes the prohibition on taking bobcats in the State. Provides that it shall be unlawful for any person to trap or to hunt bobcats with gun, dog, dog and gun, or bow and arrow, except during the open season which will be set annually by the Director of Natural Resources between November 1 to February 15. Also provides that the season limit for bobcat hunting shall not exceed one bobcat per permit.

Adding “Digital Materials” as Allowable Under the Records Act (P.A. 99-0147, HB 362)
Amends the State and Local Records Acts to update the statutes to reflect the usage of “digital material.”

Vehicle Code – Electronic Payments (P.A. 99-0324, HB 364)
Allows the Secretary of State to decline and accept electronic payments for payment of fees and taxes on new vehicle registration applications submitted by mail.

Expansion of Timeframe for Criminal Prosecutions of Sexual Assault Cases (P.A. 99-0252, HB 369)
Amends the Criminal Code of 2012 to provide that the period within a prosecution must begin does not include the time period during which sexual assault evidence is collected, submitted and analyzed.

Meeting Notices and Museum Leases (P.A. 99-0003, HB 0373)
This law requires the Governor’s Office of Boards and Commissions to create a listing on a centralized website of meeting times and agendas for each board and commission. The website will also allow individuals to subscribe for notices. This law also allows a city or park district to enter into a lease allowing a private entity to build and operate an aquarium or museum on lands leased. This law also permits a presidential library, center, or museum to be built on park land.

Increased Testing for HIV (P.A. 99-0054, HB 1004)
Clarifies requirements for medical providers who wish to conduct routine HIV screenings and extends the life of the African-American HIV/AIDS Response Act to 2026. The Act was set to expire in 2016.

Bail Limit In Cook County (P.A. 99-0412, HB 1119)
Bail retained by the clerk as bail bond should not exceed $100 in counties with a population of 3,000,000 or more.

Security Deposit Insurance (P.A. 99-0253, HB 1319)
Provides that lessors pay accumulated interest of security deposits that totals $5.00 or more at the end of each 12 month period and the lessor shall pay all interest at end of tenancy.

EPA-PCB Disposal (P.A. 99-0365, HB 1326)
Prohibits the disposal of manufactured gas plant waste in a municipal solid waste landfill that could leach toxins into groundwater sources, such as the Mahomet Aquifer.

Right to Try (P.A. 99-0270, HB 1335)
Gives terminally ill patients access to medicines that have passed Phase 1 of the FDA approval process but are not yet on pharmacy shelves.  Allows doctors to prescribe to terminally ill patients medicines currently being used in clinical trials.

Consular Notification Upon Arrest Of Foreign Nationals (P.A. 99-0190, HB 1337)
This law provides that when foreign nationals are arrested or detained, they must be advised of their right to have their consular officials notified, and if they exercise that right, a law enforcement official must notify the consulate. At the initial appearance of the defendant in any criminal proceeding, the court must also advise him or her of the right to communicate with consular representatives and record the notification into the record. Any delay caused by the granting of the request temporarily suspends the period within which a person shall be tried under “speedy trial” guarantees.

Health care License Suspension (P.A. 99-0211, HB 1359)
A health care worker licensed by the Department of Financial and Professional Regulation shall be automatically and indefinitely suspended when final trial proceedings conclude that a licensee is to be convicted of, or has entered a plea of guilty to, a criminal health care or criminal insurance fraud offense. A certified copy of the conviction or judgment shall be the basis for suspension. If a licensee requests a hearing, the sole purpose shall be to the length of their suspension, as the conviction or judgment is a matter of record and cannot be challenged.

Restricted Driving Permit (P.A. 99-0290, HB 1446)
Allows drivers who had their license permanently revoked after a fourth conviction of driving under the influence to obtain a restricted driving permit after 5 years. Drivers must provide evidence of a minimum 3 years of uninterrupted sobriety from alcohol and other drugs, and successfully complete all rehabilitation activity recommended by a properly licensed service provider.

Speedzone Violators Denied Court Supervision (P.A. 99-0212, HB 1453)
A defendant charged with driving a vehicle at a speed that is 26 miles per hour or more in excess of the maximum speed limit is not eligible for court supervision if they were previously convicted for a similar violation, previously assigned supervision for that violation, or were  exceeding the aforementioned speeds in a school zone, construction zone or designated urban district.

Dentist Licensure Uniformity (P.A. 99-0366, HB 1496)
Closes a perceived loophole to ensure that all dentists practicing in Illinois have the same basic skills by requiring applicants for a dental license, who did not graduate from a dental school in the United States or Canada, to complete 2 years of general dental clinical training in the United States or Canada.

Ensures School Boards May Discuss Safety/Security Plans In Closed Session (P.A. 99-0235, HB 1498)
The law clarifies the language in the Open Meetings Act to ensure school boards are permitted to discuss preventive security planning in closed meetings to help ensure the safety of students and staff.  The previous “security discussion” exemption in the Open Meetings Act, as it applies to school boards, had been legally interpreted by some to only allow for closed meetings to discuss existing threats, not preventive planning.

Heightened Penalties for Truck Drivers In Accidents (P.A. 99-0291, HB 1516)
The law gives state prosecutors the ability to charge truck drivers who cause injury or death in deadly accidents by increasing violations to a Class 3 for great bodily harm, permanent disability, or disfigurement and Class 2 felony for death.

Improved Safety for Residential Shelters for Children (P.A. 99-0339, HB 1530)
Requires any child care facility authorized by Department of Children and Family Services to provide temporary residential shelter services to children to maintain a staff level that ensures a safe environment. Also requires them to establish rules and procedures to prevent the violation of curfew laws and rules that prohibit children from leaving the facility unless accompanied by a responsible adult.

Parentage Act of 2015 (P.A. 99-0085, HB 1531)
The Parentage Act of 2015 reflects recommendations made by the Family Law Study Committee to update the Parentage Act of 1984. The Act broadly explains child-parent relationships, a parent’s responsibilities and gives explicit guidelines for support obligations. The Act also allows for genetic testing to prove the paternity of a child and grants full discovery, testimony and evidence to be used in Court when deciding parentage responsibility. It also allows the Court to grant temporary child support upon showing clear and convincing evidence of parentage.

Financial Exploitation Protections for Seniors And The Disabled (P.A. 99-0272, HB 1588)
These enhanced protections enable elderly or disabled victims of financial exploitation or abuse to promptly proceed in court with a civil case, rather than first awaiting the outcome of a criminal case. It also provides for victims to recover three times the actual financial loss along with reasonable attorney and court fees.

Hepatitis C Task Force Extension (P.A. 99-0429, HB 1660)
Extends the repeal date of the Hepatitis C Task Force to January 2017.

Liability for Negligent School Bus Drivers (P.A. 99-0148, HB 1665)
This law clarifies that a privately owned company that employs school bus drivers is held responsible to the same liability standards of a school board if they knowingly retain or hire a driver who has violated the rules of holding a school bus driving permit.

Obscured License Plate For Trucks With Rear Forklifts (P.A. 99-068, HB 1666)
Registration plate and stickers, issued to a vehicle with a rear loaded motorized forklift, that is securely fastened in a horizontal position to the rear of that vehicle shall not be required to be clearly visible at all times.

Technical Education Certification Renewal (P.A. 99-0035, HB 1790)
Provides that individuals who were issued the provisional career and technical educator endorsement on an Educator License with stipulations or a part-time or provisional career and technical educator license on or after January 1, 2015, the license may be renewed if the individual passes a test of basic skills and has completed a minimum of 20 semester hours from a regionally accredited institution. Those that were issued the endorsement or license before January 1, 2015 do not have to pass the basic skills test or complete 20 semester hours of coursework to renew.

Long-Term Care Facility Electronic Recording (P.A. 99-0430, HB2462)
Allows for residents of long term care facilities to use an audio or video surveillance system in his or her room at the resident’s expense.

Elimination of Some Mandatory Sentences (P.A. 99-0069, HB 2471)
Eliminates mandatory sentences of life imprisonment for offenders convicted of crimes committed before the offender turns 18. Also allows courts to use discretion in declining to impose sentencing enhancement based upon the involvement of a firearm in the crime.

Requirement for County Annual Budget Meeting (P.A. 99-0273, HB 2474)
Requires counties to have an annual public budget meeting 15 days before approving the budget.  Includes requirements to post notice of meeting on website if the county has one.

Raffles At Credit Unions (P.A. 99-0149, HB 2477)
Allows credit unions to offer promotional raffles in which the sole consideration required for a chance of winning a prize is to make a deposit of a specified amount in a savings account or program.

Expansion of Types and Quantities of Home Prepared Goods Allowed for Sale (P.A. 99-0191, HB 2486)
Amends the Food Handling Regulation Enforcement Act by addressing over-regulation of people who prepare and package simple food items at home and then sell them either at religious, charitable or nonprofit organization fundraisers or at Farmers Markets. The new law increases the list of what items and the quantity of the items that can be sold at the above types of events.

Recycling – Solid Waste Management (P.A. 99-0306, HB 2495)
Provides that the Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity shall work with nationally based consumer groups and trade associations to develop nationally recognized logos which may be used to indicate whether a container and any other consumer products which are claimed to be recyclable by a product manufacturer are recyclable, compostable, or biodegradable. Provides that the Department shall develop and conduct a public education and awareness campaign to encourage the public to look for and buy products in containers which are recyclable or compostable.

Provides Protections for a Disabled Person With a Guardian (P.A. 99-0070, HB 2505)
For the sake of protecting a disable person appointed a temporary guardian, the guardian shall only have limited powers laid out by a court order and not all powers over a disabled person’s estate.

Cigarette License Changes (P.A. 99-01932, HB 2513)
Per this new law, a person who is in possession of a retailer’s license and then obtains a distributor’s license is no longer mandated to surrender the retailer’s license. This law also authorizes the retailer to provide training for the prevention of tobacco use by minors via electronic means. Requires that each employee who completes the training sign a form attesting to its completion, and removes the requirement of the training program to explain penalties for violations.

DCFS Requirement to Attempt to Reach Adult Relatives (P.A. 99-0340, HB 2543)
When the Department of Child and Family Services first assumes custody of a child, a reasonable, documented effort must be made to identify, locate and provide notice to all adult relatives.

Motor Home VIN Number Tracking (P.A. 99-0274, HB 2547)
The lack of a Vehicle Identification Number in certain documentation produces an unnecessary obstacle in the processing of documents relating to the mobile home records. This legislation amends current law so that the annual tax judgment, sale, redemption and forfeiture record must contain the vehicle identification number, but only if known (currently, there is no exception to this requirement).

Property Tax Board of Review Complaint Procedure (P.A. 99-0098, HB 2554)
Complaints and other written correspondence concerning any property over assessed or under assessed shall be considered filed as of the postmark date. Complaints and other written correspondence sent by a non USPS delivery service shall be considered as filed on the date sent. A taxing district wishing to intervene shall file a request with the board of review at least 5 days in advance of a hearing.

Human Trafficking Resource Center Awareness (P.A. 99-0099, HB 2556)
Requires that specified businesses must post information about the Human Trafficking Resource Center as provided by the Department of Human Services to ensure any victims or witnesses of human trafficking are able to report it. Sets fines for those who do not comply with this posting requirement.

Juvenile Detention Facilities (P.A. 099-0254, HB 2567)
Changes current law so that an alleged delinquent minor under 13 years of age shall not be admitted, kept or detained in a detention facility unless a local youth service provider, including a provider through the Comprehensive Community Based Youth Services network, has been contacted and has not been able to accept the minor.

Limitations On Reducing Road Weight Limits (P.A. 99-0237, HB 2580)
Prohibits a road commissioner from reducing the weight limit of a road unless the reduction is in compliance with the Illinois Highway Code.  Creates procedures for widening, altering and vacating a road.

Replacing Mechanics Liens with Surety Bonds (P.A. 99-0178, HB 2635)
Allows landowners to replace a mechanics lien with a surety bond, which would allow a landowner to sell or refinance a property that might otherwise be held up by a contractor or other dispute.

Protecting Inmate Home Address From Online Posting (P.A. 99-0275, HB 2722)
Remove the requirement that an inmate’s residence address be posted on the Department of Corrections website when that inmate is released on a grant of sentence credit for good conduct.

Insurance Code-Surgical Assistant Payments (P.A. 99-0100, HB 2763)
Provides that payment for services rendered by a registered surgical assistant who is neither an employee of an ambulatory surgical treatment center nor an employee of a hospital shall be paid at the appropriate non-physician modifier rate if the payor would have made payment had the same services been provided by a physician.

Updates List of Accredited Organizations Recognized by DPH (P.A. 99-0111, HB 2788)
Allows the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care will be considered accredited in regard to health care network quality management and performance improvement by the Department of Public Health. This adds the Accreditation Association of Ambulatory Health Care to the list of accreditors from which utilization organizations may receive accreditation and qualify for reduced registration and renewal fees.

Notary Public E-Application (P.A. 99-0112, HB 2797)
The Secretary of State is now allowed to establish an online application system to permit Illinois residents to apply for appointment and commission as a notary public.

Senior Citizen/Disabled Person Specialty Plate Discount (P.A. 99-0071, HB 2811)
Discounts specialty plate registration fees for people qualified under the Senior Citizens and Disabled Persons Property Tax Relief Act.

3-Year Temporary License For Post-Graduate Podiatric Physicians (P.A. 99-0225, HB 2925)
This law enables podiatric physicians that are otherwise qualified for licensure to obtain a 3-year temporary license for the duration of their postgraduate program. It is an initiative of the Department of Financial and Professional Regulation, and is agreed to by the Illinois Podiatric Medical Association.

Honoring Fallen Military Personnel (P.A. 99-0372, HB 2932)
Allows the Governor to direct all flags within the state be lowered to half-staff for any Illinois military personnel killed on active duty, rather than only those killed by hostile fire. The new law was inspired by the family of a Marine aviator and Afghanistan veteran who was killed in a training accident.

More Diversity In Public University Civil Service System (P.A. 99-0072, HB 3102)
The bill applies a new interpretation and criteria for the referral of the top candidates from any established employment register for any vacant position subject to the University Civil Service Act. This would be applicable to all 1,100 plus job classifications in that System. As signed into law, the bill will help the State Universities Civil Service System draw a larger and more diverse applicant pool that would lead to the hiring of more women and veterans.

Ticket Resale Requirements (P.A. 99-0431, HB 3103)
This law imposes disclosure requirements and price limits on the resale of tickets. A ticket broker or reseller must identify and provide contact information for the event venue box office or its licensed agent. Disclosure of this information must be clear, and readily noticeable. Ticket brokers and resellers must have a refund policy with established standards.

Veterans Preference in Private Employment Act (P.A. 99-0152, HB 3122)
Allows a private employer to adopt and apply a voluntary veterans' preference employment policy if it meets certain standards.

Early Refill for Critical Eye Medications (P.A. 99-0226, HB 3137)
This law helps ensure seniors and others living with chronic eye conditions will be able to obtain more timely refills of their eye drop medications by requiring insurance companies to refill eye-drop medications before the anticipated refill date for those with a chronic need provided that at least 75% of the prescription period has passed. 

Improved Transparency in Juvenile Justice Reporting Standards (P.A.99-0255, HB 3141)
Amends the Unified Code of Corrections, by clarifying and consolidating the reporting requirements of the Illinois Department of Juvenile Justice to the Governor and General Assembly to ensure transparency and accountability.

Faster Sealing of Non-Violent Offender Records (P.A. 99-0378, HB 3149)
Allows a non-violent offender in prison to further his or her education so he or she could petition to seal their records faster than normal to better their chance for employment once probation is complete.  Court may deny the petition in which the standard waiting period to seal would apply.

Down Syndrome Information Act (P.A. 99-0142, HB 3158)
Creates the Down Syndrome Information and Awareness Act, which requires the Department of Public Health to make available up-to-date information about Down Syndrome. The information shall be available to persons who render prenatal care, postnatal care or genetic counseling to parents who receive a prenatal or postnatal diagnosis of Down Syndrome.

Cook County Officers To Serve Sensitive Orders of Protection (P.A. 99-0240, HB 3161)
Provides that in Cook County a special process server may not be appointed if the order of protection grants the surrender of a child, the surrender of a firearm or firearm owners identification card, or the exclusive possession of a shared residence.  The current practice is for law enforcement officers to handle these types of orders for safety reasons. This legislation codifies the current practice, but also clarifies that it applies to Cook County only because smaller counties in Illinois may not have enough law enforcement officers to comply.

Aggravated Assault of a Peace Officer (P.A. 99-0256, HB 3184)
Provides that aggravated assault of a peace officer, fireman, emergency management worker or emergency medical technician: (1) performing his or her official duties; (2) assaulted to prevent performance of his or her official duties; or (3) assaulted in retaliation for performing his or her official duties is a Class 4 felony, rather than a Class A misdemeanor if a Category I, Category II, or Category III weapon is not used in the commission of the assault.

Establishment of Low Interest Home Improvement Loan Program (P.A. 99-0037, HB 3193)
Amends the Home Equity Assurance Act. Provides that a governing commission of a Guaranteed Home Equity Program with no less than $4,000,000 in its guarantee fund may by resolution (currently, only by referendum) establish a Low Interest Home Improvement Loan Program.

Animal Cruelty-Minor Present (P.A. 99-0357, HB 3231)
In addition to any other penalty by law, a person convicted of cruel treatment of companion animals, in the presence of a child, shall be subject to a fine of $250 and ordered to perform community service for not less than 100 hours.

Youth Hunting Licenses and Privileges (P.A. 99-0307, HB 3234)
Previous state law only allowed disabled hunters to use crossbows when hunting.  Now everyone may use a crossbow when hunting for coyotes.  Also, 18 year-olds may apply for a youth hunting license while 19 year-olds are allowed to hunt by themselves.  Everyone under the age of 19 must complete a hunter safety course in Illinois.

Increased Penalties for Rivers, Lakes and Streams Act (P.A. 99-0073, HB 3240)
States that anyone who violates a provision of the Act shall be subject to a civil penalty worth 2 times the applicable permit fee, but not to exceed $5,000. This payment may, upon order from the Department of Natural Resources, be deposited into the State Boating Act Fund for use in ordinary and liable expenses.

Master Mason License Plates (P.A. 99-0294, HB 3269)
Redirects money raised through the sale of Master Mason license plates to the Illinois Masonic Charities Fund for charitable purposes.

Task Force on Opportunities for At-Risk Women (P.A 99-0416, HB 3284)
Creates within the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity a Task Force on opportunities for at-risk women. The law defines “at-risk women” as women who have previously been incarcerated. The task force must report annually to the governor and provide rulemaking recommendations to facilitate its goals. Each legislative leader appoints one member to the task force.

Amusement Ride Safety (P.A. 99-0116, HB 3359)
Makes a change to the definition of "amusement ride" to includes any dry slide, alpine slide, or toboggan slide.

Residential Mortgage Licensing (P.A. 99-0015, HB 3369)
Provides that the Secretary of Financial and Professional Regulation shall conduct an examination of each licensee that engages in brokering and lending activities, the scope of which shall address the delinquency rate of the licensee's loan portfolio. Licenses shall be renewed yearly using the common renewal date of the Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System and Registry.

Fines for Tattoo & Body Piercing Businesses’ Violations (P.A. 99-0117, HB 3375)
Provides that the Department of Public Health (IDPH) is authorized to establish and assess penalties or fines against any person who violates the Tattoo and Body Piercing Establishment Registration Act. IDPH may assess a late fee if the renewal application and renewal fee are not submitted on or before the registration expiration date. Fine not to exceed $1,000 for each day the violation continues.

Benefits to Civilian Employees of the Armed forces and DOD (P.A. 99-0118, HB 3384)
Allows civilian employees of the United States Armed Services of the United States Department of Defense, serving outside of Illinois be allowed to secure vehicle registration up to 45 days after returning to Illinois. Any resident of the State of Illinois, who is serving as a member of the United States Armed Services, outside of the State of Illinois, need not secure registration until 45 days after returning to the State, provided the vehicle displays a temporary military registration. Civilian employees of the United States Armed Services or of the United States Department of Defense were not previously afforded this.

Free Active-Duty Military Personnel Credit Freeze (P.A. 99-0373, HB 3425)
Consumer reporting agencies shall implement a credit freeze without cost for active-duty military personnel.

Illinois Allowance for Crowdfunding (P.A. 099-0182, HB 3429)
Startup companies in Illinois will now be allowed to use crowdfunding to raise capital to help grow their business. As a result of the 2012 Federal Jobs Act, companies may now use internet websites to grow their business, however some stipulations apply. Certain restrictions apply.     

Clarifies Application Process For Oil And Natural Gas Drilling (P.A. 99-0131, HB 3430)
Requires the Illinois Department of Natural Resources to provide a letter of notification to businesses that are denied a permit to begin drilling for oil or natural gas. Previously, after a 20 day time period passes, applications are automatically denied and no notification as to why is given.

Handicap Accessible Parks (P.A. 099-0391, HB 3457)
Directs the Illinois Department of Natural Resources to add handicap-accessible playground equipment such as ramped ground-level play features, accessible swings, wheelchair accessible tables, adjustable equipment, universally accessible swings and transfer platforms to the criteria for giving park projects priority.

Certificates of Good Conduct (P.A. 99-0381, HB 3475)
Allows a person who has been convicted of committing or attempting to commit a Class X felony or a forcible felony eligible for a certificate of good conduct. The law provides that if the most serious crime of which the individual was convicted is a felony, the minimum period of good conduct shall be 2 years.

Brings Illinois Child Support Law Into Federal Compliance (P.A. 99-0119, HB 3512)
This law changes several definitions in Illinois child support law in order to bring it into compliance with federal law, the Uniform Interstate Family Support Act.

Increased Penalties for Multiple DUI Offenders (P.A. 99-0296, HB 3533)
Requires that repeat DUI offenders must have ALL of their vehicles equipped with Breath Alcohol Ignition Interlock Devices, better known as BAIID devices, for longer periods and also requires offenders to be disallowed from reapplying for a license with the Secretary of State’s office until first completing an extended period with a restricted driving permit.

Illinois Banking Act, Savings Bank Act (P.A. 99-0039, HB 3543)
The Secretary of Financial and Professional Regulation may now assess fees against any State Bank or savings bank if they don’t maintain insurance with the FDIC. The assessments of banks are based on the most recent quarterly report of condition. Members of the State Banking Board of Illinois and the Board of Savings cease to be eligible to serve on the Board once they no longer meet the requirement of their original appointment.

Gender Neutral Burials (P.A. 99-0417, HB 3552)
The wishes of an individual who identifies as the opposite sex or as transgender will now be honored at their burial – even if they have not physically or legally changed their sex or name at the time of their death.  Their chosen name, dress and appearance will reflect the written directions left by the deceased.

Municipal Business District Lending (P.A. 99-0452, HB 3556)
Municipal governments in Illinois who have a business district and wish to create a new business district may now transfer start-up funds from the old district to the new district. These districts must touch one another and be in the same municipality.

Education Grants for Medical Assistant Students (P.A. 99-0359, HB 3577)
Establishes community college education grants of up to $5,000 per school year for medical assistant students that are residents of Illinois who upon certification will work as medical assistants in Illinois. Grant funding is scheduled through the 2020-2021 academic year.

College Students May Pre-Authorize Mental Health Disclosures (P.A. 99-0278, HB 3599)
Institutions of higher learning shall provide students the opportunity to pre-authorize in writing the disclosure of certain private mental health information.

Equal Pay Cover All Employers (P.A. 99-0418, HB 3619)
Amends the Equal Pay Act of 2003 with a two-tiered civil penalty system for employer violations. An employer with fewer than 4 employees that violates the Act is subject to $500 for a first offense, $2,500 for a second offense, and $5,000 for a third or subsequent offense. An employer with 4 or more employees is subject to $2,500 for a first offense, $3,000 for a second offense, and $5,000 for a third or subsequent offense.

Use of Interpreters in Civil Action Court Cases (P.A. 99-0133, HB 3620)
Amends the Code of Civil Procedure to state that in the event a witness in a civil action that must testify in court is deemed unable or incapable of speaking English, an interpreter shall be used to translate answers to questions.

Allows DNR To Vacate Land for Public Good (P.A. 99-0156, HB 3622)
Provides that whenever the Illinois Department of Natural Resources determines that the public use or public interest will be served by vacating any plot of subdivision, street, roadway, or driveway, it may vacate it with approval of the Governor.

America’s Central Port Deemed Foreign Trade Zone (P.A. 99-0279, HB 3664)
Raw material that is produced in foreign nations, but imported through America’s Central Port District and assembled in Illinois will be tariff free.

State Vehicle Fleet Fuel Requirement (P.A. 99-0046, HB 3667)
Requires that 15% of passenger vehicles including dedicated or non-dedicated fuel type vehicles, purchased with State funds shall be vehicles fueled by the specified alternative fuels.

Mail Notification of Driver’s License Suspension (P.A. 99-0297, HB 3670)
The Illinois Secretary of State must now notify drivers by mail when their license has been revoked.

Creation of Forms for Property/Fraud Alert Systems (P.A. 99-0075, HB 3672)
In counties that have property fraud alert systems, standardizes the process for property owners to sign-up. Requires real estate professionals to register with the County Recorder’s office before filing on behalf of a property owner.

Foster Children’s Bill of Rights (P.A. 99-0344, HB 3684)
Creates the Foster Children’s Bill of Rights Act. It provides that it is the policy of this State that every child and adult in the care of the Department of Children and Family Services who is placed in foster care shall have certain rights.

Removal of Disabled Jurors (P.A. 99-0102, HB 3704)
Provides additional means for establishing a total and permanent disability for purposes of a prospective juror seeking permanent exclusion from jury duty, by adding and individualized education plan or proof of guardianship as acceptable items that can be submitted.

Increased Judge Flexibility for Juveniles Transferred to Adult Court (P.A. 99-0258, HB 3718)
Reduces the number of juveniles who are automatically transferred to adult court by allowing a juvenile court judge to have flexibility in their decisions for youth ages 15 and younger.

Senior Mental Health Services Integration (P.A. 99-0184, HB 3753)
The Department on Aging may provide grants to public and private nonprofit entities for projects that demonstrate ways to integrate mental health services for older adults into primary health care settings.

Prison Good Behavior Allowance Restrictions (P.A. 099-0259, HB 3785)
Requires that an inmate may not have their good behavior allowance penalized more than 30 days for a first offense and 60 days for a second infraction occurring within any 30 day period.

Toll Highway Lessor Liability (P.A. 99-0214, HB 3788)
Extends the time that a commercial entity has to provide a leasing agreement to the Tollway Authority in order to be exempt from violation for toll evasion. Also provides that future changes concerning a commercial entity that is the lessor of a vehicle can be changed through the Joint Committee on Administrative Rules.

Car Title Transfer Cost Relief To Surviving Spouses (P.A. 99-0260, HB 3797)
Reduces the cost of transferring a vehicle title from a deceased spouse to the surviving spouse from $95 to $15.

Work Zone Violation Fund Use (P.A. 099-0280, HB 3812)
Allows a county to use a portion of work zone violation funds to purchase police equipment and to produce materials to educate drivers on safe driving habits.

Creation of Equal Economic Opportunity Task Force (P.A. 099-0158, HB 3840)
Creates the Equal Economic Opportunity Task Force.  This task force will investigate issues discouraging local investment, local community concerns and current economic conditions.  The task force will report to the General Assembly on January 1, 2017 and the act will be repealed on January 1, 2018.

Prohibition On Billing Sexual Assault Survivors By Medical Providers (P.A. 099-0454, HB 3848)
Prohibits medical providers from directly billing survivors of sexual assaults. Dictates procedures for a provider to bill Medicaid, insurance or the Illinois Sexual Assault Emergency Treatment Program.

Removal of Obsolete Language from Park District Code (P.A. 99-0016, HB 3882)
Removes an unused, obsolete subsection of the Park District Code that allowed for the reorganization of a park district into 2 park districts. This provision expired in 1987.

Incentive for Inmates to Complete GED (P.A. 99-0241, HB 3884)
Strengthens the ability of inmates who complete a GED during their sentence to gain employment upon re-entering the community. Increases from 60 days to 90 days the length of service credit an eligible offender can earn by completing their high school equivalency testing while in the custody of the Department of Corrections.

Reduced Regulations On Small Businesses (P.A. 99-0370, HB 3887)
Aims to identify all state regulations that are unreasonable, unduly burdensome, duplicative or onerous to small business so they can be streamlined or eliminated. The first review will be completed within one year, with subsequent reviews to take place every 5 years thereafter.

Investigator Personal Information FOIA Request (P.A. 099-0159, HB 3909)
Allows the Fire Marshall and the Department of Insurance to prohibit the release specific information to insurance companies if it would endanger law enforcement or any other individual.

Monitoring Title Insurance Agents To Ensure Compliance (P.A. 99-0104, HB 3910)
Requires the Secretary of the Department of Financial and Professional Regulation or his/her authorized agents to conduct visits of registered Title Insurance Agents to ensure they are complying with the law.

Same Sex Hate Crimes Definition (P.A. 99-0077, HB 3930)
Changes definition of "sexual orientation" in the hate crime statute, the institutional vandalism statute and the statute concerning aggravating factors in sentencing to the definition used in the Illinois Human Rights Act.  Amends the offense of institutional vandalism by replacing the term “sexual orientation” with “ancestry, gender, sexual orientation” and “physical or mental disability.”

Grandparent Access To Adoption Registry (P.A. 099-0345, HB 3967)
Allows birth grandparents the same access to the Adoption Registry like other birth relatives.

Deter Prank 9-1-1 Calls (P.A. 99-0160, HB 3988)
Gives courts the discretion to require offenders convicted of making a prank 9-1-1 call or other false emergency alert to police to reimburse the public for the costs of responding to the report, a trend known as “swatting.”

Burn Victims Relief (P.A. 99-0455, HB 4006)
Provides immediate financial assistance for medical costs to critically wounded burn victims.

Environmental Protection Agency Regulatory Loosening (P.A. 99-0089, HB 4007)
Previously, Illinois law banned the harvesting of runoff.  This legislation allows entrepreneurs to extract the runoff from dust suppressants used to produce energy to be harvested for a profit.

Limited Lines Producer License Credit (P.A. 99-0161, HB 4015)
A business entity may be issued a limited lines producer license for credit life, credit accident and health insurance and other credit insurance policies approved or permitted by the Director of Insurance.

Civics Course Requirement for High School Students (P.A. 99-0434, HB 4025)
Provides that of the 2 years of social studies required of high school students, at least one semester must be civics, course content shall focus on government institutions, the discussion of current and controversial issues, service learning and simulations of the democratic process.

Lost Pet – Identify Owner (P.A. 99-0310, HB 4029)
Requires animal shelters to scan for microchips in dogs and cats, this will ensure that any animal that has been micro chipped can be properly returned to its rightful owner.

Juvenile Justice Council (P.A. 99-0435, HB 4044)
Provides that each county or township may establish a juvenile justice council. Provides that the juvenile justice council shall meet monthly for the purpose of supporting ongoing, interagency cooperation and programs to address juvenile delinquency and juvenile crime.

Issuance of Drivers’ License for 10 Year Residents (P.A. 99-0300, HB 4074)
Provides for the issuance of a driver's license to a nonresident who becomes a resident of Illinois for 10 or more consecutive years while that person's driving privileges are revoked in another State if certain conditions are met.

Filing Missing Person Report Not Contingent On Mental State (P.A. 99-0244, HB 4097)
Requires law enforcement to accept a missing person report regardless of a missing individual’s mental state or medical condition.  Prior to this legislation some law enforcement agencies required a 24 hour waiting period for individuals with dementia.

New Curriculum for Police Crisis Intervention (P.A. 99-0261, HB 4112)
Amends the Illinois Police Training Act to provide that the Law Enforcement Training and Standards Board will create a standard curriculum in crisis intervention and specialized policing responses to mental illness.

Improves Efficiency of State Agency Websites (P.A. 99-0044, HB 4115)
For the purpose of improving government efficiency and reducing costs, allows the Departments of Agriculture (IDOA) and Department of Human Services (IDHS) to provide service station information in one location on the IDOA’s website and link with that information to be placed on IDHS’s website.

Expediting Procedures for Organ Donations (P.A. 99-0262, HB 4120)
This legislation helps speed up the process to transfer lifesaving donor organs to the waiting recipient. It allows a permit signed by a licensed funeral director or embalmer to serve in place of documents issued by a registrar to transport a deceased organ donor out of Illinois for up to 36 hours to complete the donation procedures where they are needed.

Powdered Caffeine Control (P.A. 99-0050, SB 9)
Prohibits any person from selling, offering to sell, giving away or providing free samples of powdered pure caffeine to any person under age 18 and sets forth the penalties for violation.

Membership Increase To Children And Family Services Advisory Council (P.A. 99-0346, SB 13)
Increases membership to the Children and Family Services Advisory Council to increase efficiency and monitoring by the council members.

Attorney Licensure of Non-Citizens (P.A. 099-0419, SB 23)
Adds attorney licensure of non-citizens to Illinois statute in line with the intent of President Obama’s Deferred Action on Childhood Arrivals. 

Updates The Rules for Shift Worker Overtime Pay (P.A. 99-0017, SB 38)
Provides that overtime pay rules for alternate shifts do not apply to any employee who is a member of a union recognized by the Illinois Labor Relations Board and whose union has contractually agreed to an alternate shift schedule.

National Human Trafficking Hotline Awareness (P.A. 099-0105, SB 43)
Requires the Department of Transportation to promote public awareness regarding the national human trafficking hotline.

Out-of-State Subpoenas (P.A. 99-0079, SB 45)
Creates a simple process by which a subpoena from an out-of-state court can be used to issue a discovery subpoena in Illinois.

Marriage And Dissolution Of Marriage Act Changes (P.A. 99-0090, SB 57)
Re-write of the Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act.

Smart Phone Anti-Theft (P.A. 99-0327, SB 66)
Amends the Resale Dealers Act to include any individual or entity engaged in the business of buying and selling used wireless communications devices in the definition of "resale dealer." Excludes from the definition of "resale dealer" a wireless telephone service provider, retailer, or entity with 25 or more locations in the State that acquires wireless communications devices as part of a trade-in, recycling and refurbishment, repair and refurbishment program and businesses engaged in the manufacture of wireless communications devices who acquire devices as part of a trade-in program.

Liquor Ban on Powdered Alcohol (P.A. 99-0051, SB 67)
Bans the sale, offer for sale, delivery, receipt or purchase for resale in the state of Illinois of any product consisting of or containing powdered alcohol.  A knowing violation is a Class A misdemeanor for the first offense and a Class 4 felony for all subsequent offenses.

Modernization of At-Large School Board Elections (Public Act 99-0091, SB 82)
Allows 2/3 of voters to decide whether or not a school board will be made up of at-large members rather than base the decision on residence.

Fine And Fee Collection Outsourcing (P.A. 99-0018, SB 86)
Outsources collecting fines and fees imposed through administrative adjudication process to collection agencies and attorneys to collect the fines and penalties, including the costs of the outsourcing of collections. Only applies to Cook, DuPage, Kane, Lake, McHenry and Will Counties.

Creation Of Specialized County EAV Fund (P.A. 99-0019, SB 87)
Allows county boards to accumulate, in a separate fund, up to 3% of the county’s equalized assessed value of property for capital improvements, repairs or replacements to avoid the costs of borrowing.

Protecting Seniors from Victimization in Wills (P.A. 99-0302, SB 90)
Protects disabled seniors from being victimized by scammers who try to talk them into changing their wills by providing for judicial oversight in cases where individuals have been determined by the courts to be not of sound mind and memory.

Standard Valuation Law Amendment (P.A. 99-0162, SB 94)
Amends the Standard Valuation Law to update and bring uniformity to the valuation standards of insurance companies across the nation.

Animals – Extreme Heat or Cold (P.A. 99-0311, SB 125)
No pet owner may expose their dog or cat in a manner that places the dog or cat in a life-threatening situation for a prolonged period of time due to extreme heat or cold conditions. A violation is a Class A misdemeanor.

Power of Attorney for Healthcare Changes (P.A. 99-0328, SB 159)
Amendatory language to the Power of Attorney for Healthcare changes that were reformed last year.

Additional Protections for Minors Involved In Prostitution (P.A. 99-0347, SB 201)
Increased protection for minors involved in prostitution by making it an aggravating factor in promoting juvenile prostitution, patronizing a prostitute or patronizing a minor engaged in prostitution knowing that the minor engaged in prostitution was in the custody or guardianship of the Department of Children and Family Services.

Enhanced Sentencing for Sexual Assault of Persons With “Intellectual Disability” (P.A. 99-0283, SB 207)
This bill adds an aggravating factor in sentencing to a defendant convicted of criminal sexual assault, aggravated criminal sexual assault, criminal sexual abuse or aggravated criminal sexual abuse against a victim with an intellectual disability, and the defendant holds a position of trust, authority or supervision in relation to the victim. Intellectual disability is defined as “significantly sub-average intellectual functioning which exists concurrently with impairment in adaptive behavior.”

Making Domestic Violence A Mitigating Factor In Sentencing (P.A. 99-0384, SB 209)
This law adds a history of domestic violence to the list of mitigating factors for judges to consider in sentencing a domestic violence victim accused of harming their attacker. Intended to limit overcrowding by identifying a population whose crimes are situational and who are, therefore, unlikely to commit new crimes.

Education Grants for Exonerated Persons (P.A. 99-0199, SB 223)
This law provides those who have been exonerated by the Governor on the grounds of innocence or who have received a certificate of innocence from a circuit court grants to pay for the course of study and the tests needed to obtain a high school equivalency certificate, or 8 semesters or 12 quarters, of full payment of tuition and fees for higher education at a public university or community college in Illinois. These grants would be in addition to any other settlement the exonerated individual would receive from the state and are subject to appropriation.

School District Boundaries (P.A. 99-0475, SB 224)
Establishes that whenever the boundaries of any school district are changed by the attachment or detachment of territory, the territory that is detached shall remain liable for its proportionate share of the bonded indebtedness of the school district from which the territory is detached.

Training School Personnel On The PUNS Program (P.A. 99-0144, SB 226)
This law requires the Department of Human Services and the Illinois State Board of Education to develop and implement an online training program for at least one designated employee in every public school to educate him/her about the Prioritization of Urgency of Need for Services (PUNS) database, that records information about individuals with developmental disabilities who are potentially in need of services. The goal is to help school personnel identify and help enroll students that may benefit.

Political Committee Expenditure Reporting (P.A. 99-0437, SB 248)
This law requires a political committee that makes independent expenditures of $1,000 or more to file a report electronically with the State Board of Elections within 5 business days. If the expenditure is made less than 60 days before an election, the report must be filed within 2 business days.

Minors Admitted to Mental Health Facilities (P.A 099-0228, SB 344)
Makes a technical change in a section of the law concerning the admission of minors to a mental health facility.

Land Annexation to Municipality (P.A. 99-0063, SB 369)
Provides that parcels of land less than one acre may be annexed to a municipality if it would be contiguous to the municipality but separated by a forest preserve district, federal wildlife refuge, open land/space or conservation area.

Cook County Forest Preserve Police (P.A 099-0312, SB 376)
Provides that the district's police force, when acting within the limits of any city or village but outside the territory owned, leased or licensed by the district and property over which the district has easement rights shall act in aid of the regular police force of such city or village and shall then be subject to the direction of its chief of police, city or village marshals, or other head thereof.

Cook County Forest Preserve Contracts (P.A 099-0264, SB 378)
Requires certain contracts to be signed by the president of the board or by any such other officer as the board in its discretion may designate. Allows the board president's designee to execute all contracts entered into by the district.

Cook County Forest Preserve Land Use (P.A 099-0313, SB 379)
Provides that all codes, rules and regulations which govern land use, construction and alteration of buildings, structures, parts and appurtenances adopted by the county board of the county in which the district is located shall apply to all construction projects on property owned by the district.

LIHEAP Funding (P.A 099-0457, SB 418)
Caps the yearly expenditures from the Supplemental Low-Income Energy Assistance Fund for weatherization at 10% of the amount collected during the year, provides that amounts in excess of 10% collected in a given year may be expended from the Fund if they represent funds from previous years or if they represent amounts deposited into the Fund from the Energy Efficiency Portfolio Program.

Prescribing of Biosimilar and Interchangeable Medications (P.A. 99-0200, SB 455)
Allows pharmacists to substitute an interchangeable biological product for a prescribed biological product if the substituted product has been determined by the U.S. FDA to be interchangeable with the prescribed biological product provided that a doctor has not expressly prohibited it and that the patient has been notified of the difference in complexity of biologic medicines to traditional chemically manufactured drugs.

Improved Board And Commission Meeting Notifications (P.A. 099-0218, SB 564)
Requires the Governor's Office of Boards and Commissions to establish and maintain on the Internet a centralized location for all meetings of each board and commission and their agendas, a listing of the meetings times and agendas for each board and commission and requires that the information shall be posted at least 48 hours before each meeting.

Defines Emergency Vehicles Use of Emergency Lights (P.A. 99-0040, SB 621)
Allows the use of red or white oscillating, rotating or flashing lights on vehicles which are occasionally used as rescue vehicles and authorized for use as rescue vehicles by a volunteer EMS provider. 

Rental Car Vehicle Registration Every 5 Years (P.A. 99-0080, SB 625)
Allows the Secretary of State to issue special license plates to rental car agencies in place of renewal stickers for vehicle registration. Registration fees would remain the same and the plates would be valid for 5 years before needing renewal.

Written Warning of Driver’s License Suspension When Arrested for DUI (P.A. 99-0467, SB 627)
Requires that a written warning be provided to anyone arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol that refuses to submit to chemical testing that their refusal may mean a suspension or revocation of that person's driving privileges. This legislation is intended to prevent DUI reoffenders by requiring an ignition interlock BAIDD device, if that person's license or permit is revoked or suspended 2 or more times regardless of whether it occurs during a 10 year period.

O’Hare Airport Runway Expansion (P.A. 99-0202, SB 636)
Provides that a certificate of approval shall be required for construction of a new runway at O'Hare International Airport that would result in more than 10 runways being available for aircraft operations.

Inform New and Existing Business Owners Via DCEO Website (P.A. 99-0134, SB 659)
Requires the Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity to create and maintain a website to help persons wishing to create new businesses or relocate businesses to Illinois.

Creates The Coroner Training Board (P.A. 99-0408, SB 663)
The Coroner Training Board will have the power to establish application, training, and certification standards for coroners in the State of Illinois. The law allows the board to choose training schools and review and approve annual training curriculum for coroners.

Exotic Weed Act (P.A. 99-0081, SB 681)
Adds more than 17 plant species to those that are designated under the Act as exotic weeds. Allows for the issuance of a permit for the use of exotic olive berries in the manufacture of value added products. Requires the exotic berry permit holder to register annually with the Department of Natural Resources.

Allowance for Nurses To Transport Hospice Patients’ Medications (P.A. 99-0163, SB 689)
Under this law, Physicians Assistants, Advance Practice Nurses, Practical Nurses or Registered Nurses who provide hospice or home health care services may now be in possession of and deliver a prescribed medication, including a scheduled narcotic, to a patient in their care. 

Department of Public Health-Health Care Facility Project (P.A. 99-0315, SB 691)
Requires a health care facility to develop a policy to encourage the participation of minority-owned, women-owned, veteran-owned and small business enterprises in capital projects undertaken by the health care facility. Allows a health care system to develop a system-wide policy to meet this requirement. Provides exemptions to health care facilities with 100 fewer beds, health care facilities located in a county with fewer than 3,000,000 inhabitants and health care facilities owned or operated by a unit of local government or the State or Federal government.

School Code-Criminal History Checks (P.A. 99-0021, SB 706)
Before the commencement of any student teaching experience, any student teacher in a public, Chicago public school or a non-public elementary or secondary school shall be subject to undergo a fingerprint-based criminal records check performed by the State Police and the FBI. All school districts and non-public schools must also perform a check of the Statewide Sex Offender Database and the Statewide Murderer and Violent Offender Against Youth Database on potential student teachers.

Elevator Safety-OSFM (P.A. 99-0022, SB 718)
The Office of the State Fire Marshal, rather than the Elevator Safety Review Board, shall authorize the issuance of elevator contractor's licenses, elevator mechanic's licenses, inspector's licenses and inspection company licenses. The Review Board will create an inspection form that shall be the only inspection form used by a person, company or home rule unit licensed to inspect conveyances under the Act.  All injuries caused by a malfunctioning conveyance shall be reported to the Office of the State Fire Marshall within 2 business days.

Foreclosure-Special Representative (P.A. 99-0024, SB 735)
Expands the list of situations where, in a foreclosure action, the court will not be required to appoint a special representative to defend the action on behalf of a deceased mortgagor.

Dental Responder-Definition (P.A. 99-0025, SB 748)
Changes the term “dental emergency responder” to “dental responder,” which is defined as a dentist or dental hygienist who is appropriately certified in disaster preparedness, immunizations and dental humanitarian medical response consistent with the Society of Disaster Medicine and Public Health and certified by the National Incident Management System or the National Disaster Life Support Foundation.

Insurance-Dental Service Plans (P.A. 99-0329, SB 750)
Sets forth regulations for managed care dental plans and insurance providers to maintain up-to-date information in provider network directories.

Dentists Allowed to Administer Vaccines at Clinics (P.A. 99-0092, SB 751)
Dentists will now be allowed to administer flu and other vaccines at free clinics. The goal of this legislation is to entice dentists to participate in neighborhood clinics for the poor and indigent. A dentist will not be held liable for civil damages unless he willfully commits harm.

Career and Workforce Transition Act (P.A. 99-0468, SB 760)
Community Colleges will now accept up-to 30 credit hours from non-degree earning technical schools.  Students who study medical assisting or coding, dental assisting and HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) can now transfer credits to their local community college.

AED’s in Police Stations (P.A. 99-0246, SB 764)
Each county sheriff will be required to have an automated external defibrillator in their office along with staff or personnel trained to use it.

Posting Tax Notifications Electronically (P.A. 99-0367, SB 792)
Recently signed legislation will require taxing districts that have a fulltime webmaster on staff to publish tax notices on their website. 

Allows Court Services Fee Increase If Cost Study Justifies It (Public Act 99-0265, SB 804)
Permits all counties to increase the court services (court security) fee above the current $25 maximum if an increase is supported by a cost study.

Student Transfer Achievement Reform Act (99-0316, SB 806)
Students who have enough credits will now be able to transfer from their community college to a state university with “Junior” status.  The student who is transferring must have a GPA of 2.0 on a 4.0 scale, earned his/her associate degree and completed 18 semester units in his major.

Public Adjuster Retesting (P.A. 99-0266, SB 0810)
Reduces the waiting period for a person who fails the examination for a public adjuster license from 90 days to 7 days, and if the person fails on the subsequent attempt, they must wait an additional 30 days before retaking.

Illinois Extension No Longer Offers Rural Transition Program (99-0027, SB 813)
Local University of Illinois Extension offices will no longer be mandated to create a rural transition program for farmers, their families and support staff. 

Confidentiality for Mental Health (P.A.99-0028, SB 818)
Therapists who refer someone who is not a patient or pharmacists who fulfill medication for someone with a mental health illness cannot divulge the illness to others.  Patients who suffer from mental illness will be protected improved confidentiality laws.

Sealing Certain Arrest Records (P.A. 99-0385, SB 844)
Reduces the amount of time before an arrest record can be sealed in certain cases in which the offender has completed an order of supervision.

Increased Transparency in the Comptroller’s Office (P.A. 99-0393, SB 903)
Codifies the “online Ledger” and “The Warehouse” under the State Comptroller, ensuring that the two transparency devices will be preserved and maintained and that the resources will continue to be available to taxpayers through the Comptroller’s website.

Local Control Of Wind Farm Siting (P.A. 99-0123, SB 920)
This law helps ensure local control over wind farm siting decisions by clarifying that a county and municipality may establish standards for wind farms and electric-generating wind devices notwithstanding any other provision of law. 

Requiring Vaccinations For Child Care Workers (P.A. 99-0267, SB 986)
Under this law, a person cannot be employed by a child care facility that cares for children under the age of 6 if that person cannot show proof of having received the TDAP and MMR vaccines.

Synthetic Drugs Classified As Controlled Substances (P.A. 99-0371, SB 1129)
Adds various synthetic drugs to the list of Schedule I controlled substances.  Deletes from the definition of controlled substance analog the requirement that a substance must be intended for human consumption to be considered an analog of a controlled substance with a chemical structure substantially similar to that of a controlled substance.

Information About Retired Physicians (P.A. 99-0330, SB 1205)
A physician who has retired from active practice may use the title “retired” on his or her physician profile. He or she is not required to provide office addresses or other practice specific information.

Labeling of Milk Products (P.A. 99-0304, SB 1228)
Requires milk to be labeled in accordance with the current Grade A pasteurized milk ordinance of the U.S. Public Health Service of the FDA. The law also defines unpasteurized milk and specifies that it is not subject to the labeling requirements of the ordinance.

Gray Township Relief (P.A. 99-0248, SB 1252)
Allows Gray Township in White County a one-time transfer of money from the township's general assistance fund to the general township within the next year so that it may stay debt free.

Language Appropriate Medical Services (P.A. 99-0106, SB 1253)
Requires managed care entities and all other care coordination organizations to develop and maintain a written language access policy that sets forth the standards, guidelines and operational plan to ensure language appropriate services consistent with the standard of meaningful access for persons with limited English proficiency.

Bodycams for Law Enforcement (P.A. 99-0352, SB 1304)
This omnibus police bill creates both the Police and Community Relations Improvement Act and the Law Enforcement Officer-Worn Body Camera and Management Act. It sets out procedures for investigating officer-related deaths, collecting information on pedestrian or traffic stops, and restricts the use of chokeholds. The new law also allows departments to adopt rules for the use of body cameras.

Citations In Civil Actions (P.A. 99-0093, SB 1308)
Provides that the court shall order a citation to issue for the appearance before it of any person whom the petitioner believes may be liable to the estate of a ward pursuant to any civil cause of action. Makes other changes concerning persons who may be issued a citation.

Senior Financial Abuse Access to Records (Public Act 99-0287, SB 1309)
Gives a Public Guardian access to records regarding investigations of abuse, neglect, financial exploitation or self-neglect of eligible adults when the Public Guardian is investigating the need for a guardianship or pursuing a petition for guardianship.

Unfounded Child Abuse Reports (P.A. 99-0349, SB 1335)
Provides that unfounded reports of child abuse or neglect can be submitted to State’s Attorneys in order to review for possible prosecution under the Juvenile Court Act alleging a subsequent allegation of abuse or neglect relating to the same child, sibling of the child or the same perpetrator. 

Prohibits Providing False Information To DNR (P.A. 99-0137, SB 1377)
Prohibits the falsification and misstatement of any information on applications, permits, required records, or other documents required to be submitted to the Department of Natural Resources in regard to the Oil and Gas Act. When it has been deemed that false information has been provided, a notice shall be given to the Director of Natural Resources or his designee. Establishes a $5,000 fine for providing false information.

Sets Rules On Inactive Oil Well Leases (P.A. 99-0138, SB 1378)
Establishes rules and regulations for determining if oil and gas leases are operative. Sets rules for determining if oil wells have been abandoned and establishes fees for those seeking a determination of whether an oil well has been deemed inactive or abandoned. Also sets regulations for the Department of Natural Resources to follow in regard to notification and hearing processes when making these determinations.

Funds for Quality of Life of Those With Disabilities (P.A. 99-0145, SB 1383)
This law creates the Achieving a Better Life Experience, or ABLE, 529 account program in the State Treasurer’s office to help Illinois families save money for the purpose of supporting persons with disabilities in endeavors to maintain health, independence and quality of life, and to provide secure funding for disability-related expenses on behalf of designated beneficiaries with disabilities.

Temporary Stop Signs (P.A. 99-0124, SB 1388)
Provides for the placement of temporary stop signs on state and local highways in instances when the permanent sign is missing or has been damaged. The Illinois Department of Transportation must ensure all temporary stop signs adhere to requirements in the State Manual and be placed in a manner to provide adequate visibility and legibility, and they must be placed there for the amount of time recommended by the State Manual.

Testimony From Children/Disabled In Sexual Abuse Cases (P.A. 99-0094, SB 1389)
In certain defined sexual abuse cases, this law allows a court to set any conditions it finds just and appropriate on the taking of testimony of a victim who is a child under the age of 18 years or a moderately, severely or profoundly intellectually disabled person or a person affected by a developmental disability, including the use of a service or therapy animal that has been evaluated and registered according to national standards, in any proceeding involving that offense.

Allows Flashing Lights for Recycling Vehicles (P.A. 99-0125 SB 1424)
Adds trucks equipped with self-compactors or roll-off hoists and roll-on containers for hauling materials to be included on the list of approved vehicles permitted to use amber oscillating, rotating, or flashing lights.

Reverse Mortgage Act (P.A. 99-0331, SB 1440)
Establishes requirements for lenders of reverse mortgages, establishes disclosure requirements and prohibits certain activities by lenders. Also directs the Attorney General to create informational documents for the purpose of consumer protection and lists which financial institutions are permitted to offer reverse mortgages.

New Rules for Towing A Commercial Vehicle (P.A. 99-0438, SB 1441)
Requires no tow truck may tow an abandoned commercial vehicle without prior authorization of law enforcement and should the owner of the vehicle arrive to the scene prior to being towed, they may recover the vehicle at half the posted rate for towing. Excludes the tow rotation lists from a municipality with a population over 1,000,000.

Boards and Commissions Per Diem Reform (P.A. 99-0318, SB 1444)
Provides that boards and commissions appointed by the Governor shall not receive per meeting compensation for more than one meeting held during any 7 consecutive day period unless each meeting is more than 4 hours long or if the meeting is called in emergency.

College Admissions for Standardized Test (P.A. 99-0185, SB 1455)
Provides that scores from required standardized tests conducted in the state of Illinois for high school students may be accepted by public institutions of higher learning for the purpose of admitting students.

Updates Healthcare Life-Sustaining Form (P.A. 99-0319, SB 1466)
Deletes "DNR" (Do Not Resuscitate) from the title of the "DNR/POLST" (POLST – Practitioner Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment) form that outlines advance directives and life-sustaining care measures for a patient with a life-threatening or life-limiting illness.

Confirmation of Car Insurance (P.A. 99-0333, SB 1482)
Directs the Secretary of State’s office to periodically conduct random confirmation of vehicle liability insurance for registered vehicles. Provides provision for the enforcement of violations and extends the length of the random confirmations until December 31, 2016.

Cook County Pilot Program To Record Foreclosure Documents (P.A. 99-0439, SB 1487)
Creates a pilot program in Cook County that instructs the recorder of deeds to establish a program to record documents for a property that is in foreclosure by judicial order. Establishes various rules for the program and schedules the program to end on January 1, 2019.

Expanding Good Samaritans (P.A. 99-0042, SB 1498)
Amends the Good Samaritan Act by adding to the definition of "free medical clinic" certain programs organized by a certified local health department which utilize members of the federal Volunteer Medical Reserve Corps and where care does not include an overnight stay.

Optometrist Regulations (P.A. 99-0043, SB 1504)
Allows the use of testimonials in advertisements of optometric services and requires the Department of Financial and Professional Regulation to audit optometrist applicants within 12 months of renewal of license to ensure compliance with continuing education requirements. Applicants in a residency program are no longer allowed a limited one year optometry practice license.

Keeping Juveniles Out of The Prison System (P.A. 99-0268, SB 1560)
Limits the instances of juveniles being handed over to the Department of Corrections, and limits their periods of confinement. Also establishes that juveniles may not be placed in detention when the act for which the minor was found guilty would not be illegal if committed by an adult and alters parole rules for minors.

Limit Employer Reimbursement of Medical Cannabis (P.A. 99-0031, SB 1571)
Amends the compassionate Use of Medical Cannabis Pilot Program to state that employer or casualty insurance providers are not required to reimburse for costs associated with medical cannabis.

Cleaning House at The Secretary of State’s Office (P.A. 99-0127, SB 1589)
Addresses the findings of the Auditor General by codifying current Secretary of State practices and resolves contradictory language pertaining to the Secretary of State’s disbursement of funds, while not changing how the funds are dispersed.

Music Therapy Advisory Board Act (P.A. 99-0397, SB 1595)
Establishes a Music Therapy Advisory Board within the Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (DFPR) which will advise on matters that impact the work of music therapists and deliberate, among other issues, on whether music therapists should be certified by the DFPR.

Extends Motor Vehicle Theft Prevention Task Force (P.A. 99-0251, SB 1620)
Extends the repeal of the Illinois Motor Vehicle Theft Prevention Act from January 1, 2016 to January 1, 2020.

Utilities Waiver for Domestic Abuse Victims (P.A. 99-0420, SB 1645)
Requires a utility to waive the utility's initial credit and deposit requirements for a period of 60 days for a residential customer or applicant who is a victim of domestic violence.

Veteran Foster Home Classification (P.A. 99-0376, SB 1665)
Provides that the definition of "long-term care facility" does not include a medical foster home that is under the oversight of the United States Department of Veterans Affairs.

State Permits for Pollution Control In Non-Attainment Areas (P.A. 99-0463, SB 1672)
Allows the Pollution Control Board to develop a state-run permitting program for the purposes of issuing Prevention of Significant Deterioration (PSD) & Nonattainment New Source Review (NA NSR) permits.

Electronic Delivery of Insurance Documents (P.A. 99-0167, SB 1680)
Allows any notice or document required in an insurance contract to be delivered, stored, and presented by electronic means so long as it meets the requirements of the Electronic Commerce Security Act. Also establishes rules for opting out of electronic delivery of such documents and excuses the parties involved from any civil liability in the case that information is compromised during an electronic transmission of documents.

Temporary Highway Restrictions To Prevent Road Damage (P.A. 99-0168, SB 1704)
Provides that local authorities may prohibit vehicles or impose restrictions regarding the weight of vehicles to be operated on highways under their jurisdiction, for a total period not to exceed 90 days, when conditions will seriously damage or destroy the highway.

Municipal Code TIF-Arcola and Paris (P.A. 99-0361, SB 1714)
Amends the Tax Increment Finance Act (TIF) to extend three TIF districts from 23 to 35 years. Extends Arcola’s 2004 and 1993 TIFs. Extends a TIF in the City of Paris that was adopted in 1999.

Impoundment Large Animals (P.A. 99-0321, SB 1735)
In cases where a county has no facilities capable of taking companion animals that are being abused, the authorities may utilize the on-site impoundment of the animals, pursuant to a court order of the property owner.

Protecting Against Human Trafficking (P.A. 99-350, SB 1763)
This law requires the Department of Child and Family Services (DCFS) to convene a multi-disciplinary workgroup by January 1, 2016 to review treatment programs for youth in DCFS care who are victims of sex trafficking and to make recommendations regarding a continuum of care for these vulnerable youth.  Additionally DCFS is to implement a 5-year pilot program of multi-dimensional treatment foster care.

Insurance Coverage for Infertility (P.A. 99-421, SB 1764)
Requires insurers offering accident and health insurance to groups of more than 25 employees to provide coverage for infertility treatments to covered individuals unable to attain a viable pregnancy or maintain a viable pregnancy.  Expands the definition of infertility to include individuals unable to conceive after one year of attempting to produce conception and those unable to conceive after diagnosis with a condition affecting fertility.

Creates The Safeguard Our Children Act (P.A. 99-351, SB 1775)
States that anyone in the care of the Department of Child and Family Services who is placed in a residential facility is to be reported missing to the local law enforcement agency, provided certain conditions are met, and outlines provisions for reporting a missing child.

Report to Director of Insurance (P.A. 99-388, SB 1806)
This law pushes the report date of the Insurance Guaranty Fund back a month to provide them with an appropriate amount of time to report to the Director of Insurance.

Tightened Restrictions On Pawn Brokers (P.A. 99-0188, SB 1820)
Provides for additional record keeping for all items purchased for resale or loan regardless of the source. Provides that no personal property received on deposit or pledge, or purchased by any pawnbroker shall be sold or permitted to be redeemed or removed from the place of business or transferred to another pawnshop location of such pawnbroker for a period of 7 days. Furthermore, prohibits any pawnbroker from receiving or purchasing any article if the serial number or manufacturer's identification number on the article has been altered or removed in any way.

Silver Alert (P.A. 99-0367, SB 1846)
Missing older adults who suffer from dementia and Alzheimer ’s disease will be added to the Missing and Endangered statewide alert program.  This system, Amber Alert, is already in use for lost, missing and endangered children.

Increases Eligibility Standards For SNAP (P.A. 99-0170, SB 1847)
Provides that subject to federal approval if required, increases the eligibility standards for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) for a household that does not include an elderly, blind or disabled person from 130% to 165% of the federal poverty level. Under the General State Aid formula, students are determined to be low-income if they receive one of the following services: Medicaid, SNAP, Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) or TANF.

Private Employment Agencies (P.A. 99-0422, SB 1859)
Directs the Department of Labor to create and maintain a database of employment agencies with suspended or revoked licenses, requires employment agencies to keep records of their placements longer, and provides whistleblower protection to employees who report misconduct.  Also provides for civil penalties for violations.

Crime Victims Debt Collection (P.A. 99-0444, SB 1866)
Establishes that a vendor who has been provided notice of a claim may not engage in debt collection activities against the applicant until the Court of Claims awards compensation for the debt and the payment is processed.

Currency Exchange (P.A. 99-0445, SB 1882)
This law authorizes currency exchanges to cash post-dated checks, but they are required to provide a notice for reasons of denial of services.

Expedite Illinois I.D. Cards (P.A 099-0305, SB 1898)
Provides for the expedited issuance of Illinois Identification Cards, and the fees to be charged by the Secretary of State for expedited issuance. Provides that the Secretary of State shall restrict the issuance of multiple Illinois Identification Cards and Illinois Person with a Disability Identification Cards to 3 per year and 10 total for the life of an individual, with discretion to grant exceptions to those limits. Provides for the expiration and renewal of Illinois Identification Cards and Illinois Person with a Disability Identification Cards. Provides for the expiration of driver's licenses to non-U.S. citizens.

Low-Speed Vehicles Registration (P.A 099-0401, SB 1899)
Requires low-speed vehicles to meet certain minimum equipment requirements for street operation. Provides that owners of low-speed vehicles that may be operated upon a highway shall secure a certificate of title and display valid registration.

Reporting Unfit Defendants (P.A. 99-0140, SB 1938)
Provides that the clerk of the circuit court shall transmit to the Department of Humans Services any report from forensic examiners regarding defendants found to be unfit to stand trial.