Illinois House Dems Want Pay Raises, Tax Increases

While Illinois faces $5 billion in unpaid bills and struggles to find the resources to pay for vital services, Legislative Democrats are again thwarting attempts to reject an automatic legislative pay raise that was enacted July 1st of this year.

On Tuesday, Illinois House Republicans, again, requested the immediate release from the House Rules Committee, a bill (HB 4225) that would prohibit 2% cost-of-living adjustments (COLAs) for State government legislative and executive elected officers and appointees for the FY2015 budget.

In his request, Representative Ron Sandack (R-Downers Grove), implored the House Speaker to release the bill for a vote, calling it “unconscionable” that Democrats would allow themselves and others in state government to get pay raises, while the budget --- and money for vital services--- still lie in limbo.  However, the House Republican’s request was deemed to be “out of order” and no action was taken.

A 2% raise for members of the General Assembly will automatically go into effect unless legislation is passed to specifically to stop it.  The Republican Caucus wants no less than an immediate release of HB 4225 from Rules to reject the pay raises and allocate those dollars where they can help our communities, and this was not their first request to advance the legislation.