Sheri Jesiel Sworn Into Office as State Representative

Zion-Winthrop Harbor, Illinois - On Wednesday, July 2nd, newly appointed State Representative Sheri Jesiel was sworn into office by Judge John Phillips. Jesiel will replace retiring State Representative JoAnn Osmond in the 61st district, who was appointed in December 2002 following the death of her late husband. On March 18th, Sheri won the Republican primary to serve in the Illinois House, having been unopposed.

“I am proud to serve the taxpayers, families, seniors and young adults of our communities. I intend to continue the long tradition of fiscal responsibility as exemplified by JoAnn Osmond and her late husband, Tim,” Jesiel said.

Sheri Jesiel is a licensed CPA and is an experienced businesswoman who has held management positions with nonprofits, small business startups and corporations. “The stranglehold that failed Democrat leadership has on Springfield must be broken. Democrats’ failed policies - taxing seniors out of their homes, taxing businesses out of the state and causing working families and young adults to seek job opportunities in more business-friendly states - must be reversed.” Jesiel continued, “I serve the taxpayers of this district and I will protect and defend every tax dollar to ensure that it is wisely spent as an investment in our future.”

Sheri Jesiel is a mom, “Nana”, homeowner and taxpayer who believes that common sense and sound management practices must be brought to Springfield.

Sheri is a lifelong resident of the Zion-Winthrop Harbor area and is a graduate of Carthage College where she graduated with a Bachelor’s in Business Administration and Accounting. She is currently employed as an accountant/business manager with Christ Community Church in Zion.