Cupcake bill signed into law

Rep Charlie Meier and Chole Stirling earlier this year
presenting legislation in committee.
Gov. Pat Quinn signed the "cupcake bill" in the kitchen where it all began, with 12-year-old baker Chloe Stirling and her family looking on Tuesday.

The signing had the atmosphere of a neighborhood block party, with dozens of people in the Stirlings' Troy home - and a lemonade stand in the driveway, operated by Chloe's little sister Sophie. The governor bought two cups of lemonade on his way into the house.

Flanked by state legislators and the Stirling family, Quinn signed the bill that made Chloe's baking business legal again.

"I'm happy I'm going to be baking again, and happy that other home cooks can bake again without getting in trouble like I did," Chloe said. The New-Democrat's Elizabeth Donald has the story.