Righter, Bellock target ‘un-reform’ of state Medicaid program

Frustrated with the failure of Governor Pat Quinn to implement the broad Medicaid reforms set forth in the 2011 law and the 2012 SMART Act—even as he advocates for an extension of the Democrats’ 67 percent tax increase, State Senator Dale Righter (R, Mattoon) and State Representative Patti Bellock (R, Downers Grove) rolled out a new initiative placing a moratorium on all Medicaid expansions, including benefit increases, until a 2011 managed care requirement is achieved.

“Gov. Pat Quinn and the Democrat leaders are trying to sell the notion that they have done such a good job of cutting, driving efficiencies into and refining the Medicaid program that we can’t possibly move forward in this state without making the tax increase permanent. However, the facts show that simply is not true,” said Righter. Read more.