10 things that should tick you off

1. Political slush funds
Funds slated for anti-violence program are handed out to Chicago alderman and others right before an election.

2. Clouted families cashing-in 
Politically connected family members were paid through state contracts

3. Illegal political hiring 
Anti-patronage activist Michael Shakman files federal lawsuit to monitor Governor Quinn's hiring practices at IDOT.

4. Pattern of hiring criminals
The Director of the Department of Corrections hired an admitted gang member with a criminal past and the Director of Children and Family Services was convicted of theft crimes before being hired.

5. Indictment, after indictment, after indictment
Sitting lawmakers, an aide and others in positions of authority are indicted for various offenses includes siphoning dollars from state grants for personal use.

6. Tax hike votes bought with jobs
Lame-duck lawmakers vote to increase taxes, rewarded with high-paying state jobs.

7. Pervasive bribery & kickbacks
Chief of Staff to Director of Illinois Dept of Public Health and others indicted in massive kick-back scam 
Indicted legislator awaiting trial on bribery charges

8. Dead people on welfare
Audit uncovers Illinois paid $12 million for fraudulent medicaid bills.

9. Convicted insiders collecting public pensions
Even after they are convicted, public officials are still getting their pension.

10. Chronic mismanagement of state grants & more
Nonprofit receiving grant from DCFS under investigation for questionable spending.
Doctor given 2nd chance by Dept of Financial & Professional Regulation becomes one of Illinois' highest Medicare billers.
Dept of Public Health grants co-opted by conspirators.

Now they want to break their promise and make the 2011 temporary tax they passed with lame duck votes, permanent. 
- With all this, do you think Illinois government should get more of your hard-earned tax dollars? If not, please sign the petition to let the temporary tax expire.