Meet our members: SANDY PIHOS

State Representative Sandra Pihos was elected to the General Assembly in 2002 and is serving her sixth term in office. She has been a resident of Glen Ellyn for 41 years, has taught both elementary and middle school, and worked as a high school guidance counselor. She served on the Glenbard District 87 school board for 10 ½ years ending her tenure as president. In addition, she held the position of vice president of Pihos Enterprises, a restaurant management firm, from 1993-2000.

As a legislator, Sandy serves on a variety of committees, including Elementary and Secondary Education (Republican Spokesperson), Elementary and Secondary Appropriations, Consumer Protection, Accountability & Administrative Review, Small Business Empowerment & Workforce Development, Housing, and Tollway Oversight. Some of the committees she has been appointed to include the Legislative Audit Commission, the Special Education Funding Task Force, and the Workforce Development Board. Much of her legislation has focused on education, social security protection, and consumer protection, identity theft, affordable housing, health awareness, children’s health insurance and environmental issues.  Read more about Rep. Pihos.

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