Jobs, Taxes at Stake in Partial Year Budget Debate

With the state’s temporary income tax hike on individuals and employers scheduled to roll back at the end of the year being countered by efforts among legislative Democrats to make the higher rates permanent or institute a Graduated Tax system to drive rates even higher, State Rep. Ed Sullivan (R-Mundelein) is pressing for answers on the constitutionality of a proposed band-aid that would buy time for Democrats to raise taxes.

The issue is simple: The Illinois Constitution requires the Governor to submit an annual budget proposal for the upcoming fiscal year. Illinois law has defined a fiscal year as a twelve month period.  Common sense follows that any budget approved by the General Assembly encompassing only a partial year would be unconstitutional. Yet the Governor and Democrat legislative leaders have not ruled out the possibility they may approve a partial-year budget this spring, then return to Springfield after the November election to either make the higher rates permanent or push them even higher. Read more.