Using technology to create interest in government

Rep. Demmer wearing a borrowed Google Glass
State Rep. Tom Demmer spent the day sporting Google's latest gadget, Google Glass. He believes legislators need to embrace new ways of engaging constituents and building their interest in government. "It's important we don't dismiss new technology out of hand, we have to reach and relate to our constituents in relevant and interesting ways," explained Demmer. "15 years ago some people couldn't understand why you would need email on your phone, now we can't live without it. More important, constituents expect it."

Here are a few Google Glass photos from Rep. Demmer highlighting his day in Springfield:

7:15 AM - Meetings and Committee
Rep. Demmer began his day at 7:15 this morning, first checking in with his Springfield office before heading to his first meeting of the day with colleagues to go over issues that will be heard in an 8 AM committee.  

11:00 AM - On the House Floor for Sesssion