State-of-the-State Response

Illinois House Republican Leader Jim Durkin echoed the sentiment of his members when he told reporters following the Governor’s state-of-the-state address that the administration could no longer blame the Great Recession for the state's financial situation. The states surrounding Illinois fiscal conditions are improving while Illinois stands at 8.6% unemployment. The Governor’s claims that the state has turned the corner are not borne out by the facts.

With 110,000 fewer jobs than when Governor Quinn took office, the state’s jobless rate is higher than the national average.

A recent analysis by Moody’s ranked Illinois dead last among all states in projected job growth for 2014.

Illinois has the second largest outward migration numbers of any state in the nation. People are leaving Illinois for better opportunities.

If we really want to turn the corner we need to provide the mechanisms that encourage businesses that offer the types of jobs that can bring long term prosperity to Illinois families.

From our members:
Rep. Mike Tryon: It’s not China we’re competing with when it comes to Illinois job creation; it’s Wisconsin, Indiana, Missouri, Kentucky and Iowa. If we are going to improve the job climate in our state it is imperative that our businesses are able to afford to add new jobs.”

Rep. Norine Hammond: “Governor Quinn today sounded a lot of populist themes, but for the most part he fell short of hitting on anything that will improve our worst-in-the-nation jobs climate and put people back to work in Illinois.”

Rep. Charlie Meier: “To listen to the Governor today, you’d think Illinois was a land of prosperity. Unfortunately, the families of my district know better.  Jobs are scarce and folks are struggling to get by.  Employers just don’t have the confidence in our state to either want to come set up shop here or expand what they’ve already previously established.”

Rep. Raymond Poe: “If we want to see business growth in Illinois, we must allow employers to grow without the threat of new taxes and burdensome regulations.”

Rep. Sandy Pihos: “Unfortunately, there were times during the Governor’s speech where I wasn't sure we lived in the same state. It is obvious families are leaving Illinois at an alarming rate…”

Rep. Dennis Reboletti: “Governor Quinn failed to paint an honest picture of the state’s economic outlook.”

Rep. Wayne Rosenthal: “If we are truly going to turn the corner in Illinois, we must focus on creating the right jobs.”