La Voz Latina celebrates 40+ years serving the Rockford community

Back in 1971, newly-arriving Hispanics in the Rockford area found a critical need for help in resettling and adjusting to their new home. They banded together to help each other and the community as a whole, forming Spanish-Speaking Special Services to advise newly arrived families and to help them with such basic skills as learning English.

Before long, Spanish-Speaking Special Services expanded beyond the basics into La Voz Latina, an organization determined to assist Rockford’s Hispanic population to grow and thrive. La Voz Latina partnered with the local United Way to open a Hispanic Resource Center in 1984, providing vocational training and bilingual references to other social service agencies.
While continuing to branch out its programming over the years, La Voz Latina never lost sight of the importance of English education and youth programs as a way of assisting the growing Hispanic population of the area. Soon, La Voz Latina began to offer more specialized education for seniors, refugees, families and the disabled.
Today, La Voz Latina serves more than 6700 people each year, helping them to develop better job skills and live healthier lives. The organization proudly sums up its mission in the phrase, “Education is the answer.” La Voz Latina and the Learning Center in Rockford host English and GED classes, counseling, resettlement services, community awareness and health education programming as part of a “total, person-centered approach,” to community service.
La Voz Latina held its annual awards recognition banquet last
week in Rockford to honor the educational and professional
accomplishments of its volunteers and to celebrate 42 years
of service to the Rockford community 
This fall, the Illinois House of Representatives is honoring La Voz Latina with House Resolution 586, sponsored by Rep. Joe Sosnowski (R-Rockford).
“La Voz Latina is an exemplary organization that works hard on behalf of Hispanic families and has truly made a positive impact on the lives of many Illinois residents and members of my community,” Sosnowski said. “For more than 42 years now, La Voz Latina has played an important role in Northern Illinois through their focus on education and service. I am happy to recognize them for their historic role in building our community.”
For more information, visit La Voz Latina Rockford’s homepage.