6 Native American Tribes of Illinois

Can you name the six Native American Tribes who were the original inhabitants of present-day Illinois? If not, we’ve got you covered!

Native Americans have made significant contributions to the history and culture of the United States, particularly here in Illinois. In fact, our state was named after a Native American Tribe!

Native American heritage has borne strong influence in nearly every community in our state. From city and street names to schools to public parks; Native American heritage can be found all across the Land of Lincoln.

Here are the six original tribes who called Illinois home prior to European settlement:

1. CHICKASAW  (Wikipedia Commons)

2. DAKOTA SIOUX (Photo source)

3. HO-CHUNK Winnebago  (Wikipedia)
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before January 1, 1923. 

4. ILLINOIS (Illini) (Photo source)

5. MIAMI (Wikipedia)
Credit: Smithsonian American Art Museum
Gift of Mrs. Joseph Harrison, Jr.

6. SHAWNEE (Wikipedia Public Domain)

Also, did you know the ancient Native American city of Cahokia was in Illinois? Located between present-day Collinsville and East St. Louis, the area is now designated as the Cahokia Mounds State Historic Site, open to the public and administered by the Illinois Historic Preservation Agency.

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