House Republican Members on Medicaid Expansion

On May 27, 2013 the House debated Medicaid Expansion. All Republicans voted against the measure. Here's what several of our members had to say during that debate:

The courts are allowing us to enroll in the Federal Medicaid Expansion at any time,” said Rep. Patti Bellock. “This is no time to rush into a massive expansion the State and Illinois taxpayers cannot afford. We need to spend more time getting our fiscal house in order to ensure Medicaid is sustained for those it was designed to serve.” 

…it’s as if the memory has been zapped from this chamber, and the math skills have just simply been put aside…  ~ Rep. Chad Hays

In the past eleven years, the enrollment in Medicaid has doubled and costs increase every year. Because of late payments and low rates, many healthcare providers in Illinois choose not to accept Medicaid patients. This massive expansion of Medicaid will put further pressure on an already shaky system and lead to significant budget pressures in years to come” Rep. Tom Demmer