Adjusting Illinois Early Voting for Easter - 2013

The employees of Illinois’ election authorities will be spending the Easter holiday with their families instead of their co-workers if legislation filed by Rep. Renee Kosel (R-New Lenox) and House Republican Leader Tom Cross (R- Oswego) continues to advance. 
House Bill 1560 would specifically exempt election authorities from staying open for early voting on the Easter holidays, while providing additional voting hours during the last week of early voting. It would also require notice be given to the State Board of Elections of any closure and public notice for the subsequent extended hours. 
The bill passed unanimously out of the Executive Committee Wednesday. 
Nancy Schultz Voots, Will County Clerk, supports this measure. 
“Generally on holiday weekends, we have not seen good voter turnout. We think this is an excellent idea that will boost voter turnout during the week with extended hours,” said Voots. “As soon as this bill would pass we would immediately prepare a voters’ guide to make sure everyone is aware of the early voting hours.” 
“There is no reason for these offices to be open on Easter,” Cross stated. “The law was originally drafted with the intent to afford for closures during major holidays. The timing of Easter this year was an anomaly that wasn’t foreseen, but should be accommodated for.”