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Pritzker excuses for DCFS failures are endangering children; HGOP calls for change in leadership at DCFS. House Republican Leader Jim Durkin issued the following statement as DCFS Director Marc Smith has been held in contempt of court for a shocking 11th time. The record 11th citation concerns the case of an 11-year-old girl who was physically abused while in DCFS care and is considered a danger to herself and others. She has spent months waiting for appropriate placement in a secure residential treatment center.
Illinois Democrats put pork projects before people. Illinois House Republicans held a Capitol press conference Thursday to discuss the Democrats’ prioritization of pork projects over the people of Illinois.

State Rep. Tom Demmer, R-Dixon, said there are “hundreds” of examples of spending for projects from Democrat-only legislators

Peace Officer Memorial Service 2022

Audit slams Pritzker Administration for failed response to deadly COVID outbreak at LaSalle Veterans Home. In total, 36 residents of the LaSalle Veterans’ Home died due to COVID-19. The deaths occurred between November 7, 2020, and January 1, 2021. By November 15, 2020, 17 residents had lost their lives from COVID-19 at the LaSalle Home.


Durkin Calls on DCFS Director to Resign. House Republican Leader Jim Durkin called on DCFS Director Marc Smith to resign after it was recently revealed that he had been held in contempt for a ninth time for failing to protect Illinois’ children in care.

“Unfortunately, contempt of court orders against DCFS have become business as usual for the Pritzker administration. Governor Pritzker clearly isn’t bothered by a ninth contempt of court charge against DCFS Director Marc Smith and has done nothing about it – that is simply unacceptable. The Governor has had three and a half years to get this agency under control – he owns this ongoing tragedy. Since the Governor has failed to take action, I call on Director Smith to resign for the good of the children in this state who depend on DCFS.


CGFA March revenue summary released. The March 2022 revenue report, compiled by the Commission on Government Forecasting and Accountability, continued to show revenues buoyed by one-time tax intake factors. Personal income tax payments in March 2022 were $3,147 million, up more than $600 million from the pandemic-squashed income tax payment cash flow of March 2021. Corporate income tax payments rose year-over-year by $180 million in March 2022, and sales tax revenues rose $106 million. These three cash flows made up by far the largest share of an overall general funds cash increase of $994 million during this 31-day period. 


After an all-nighter, General Assembly adjourns spring session. The Illinois House and Senate held its final week of the scheduled 2022 spring session, and then adjourned in the early morning hours of Saturday, April 9. The General Assembly could come back prior to May 31, 2022, the constitutional adjournment date, in case of unusual circumstances or emergency.

FY 2023 State Budget 
Deputy Republican Leader Tom Demmer and Republican Floor Leader Mark Batinick offered the following comments on Governor Pritzker’s federally-funded budget that ignores the financial pressures in Illinois’ immediate future.

Deputy Republican Leader Tom Demmer:
“A year and a half ago, Gov. Pritzker was threatening Illinois voters with draconian cuts or across-the-board tax increases unless they approved his $3.4 billion tax increase amendment. But voters said no.