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Today in Springfield, House Republicans joined together in a movement of silence on Memorial Day to honor those who gave their lives in service to our country.

Illinoisans cannot be clearer; they do not want the state to raise taxes, any taxes, until and unless reforms are in place. Reforms that will ensure the spend-and-borrow policies of the past don’t continue. Reforms that curtail rampant abuse of state allocated grants. Reforms that encourage job growth.

Taxpayers don’t trust politicians with their money and they need proof Springfield has really changed before they give the okay to increase revenue.
Reps. Christine Winger and Michael McAuliffe introduced HR500 this week, a measure that would reward airlines for utilizing voluntary federal Fly Quiet protocols when landing at and departing from O’Hare International Airport.

The Fly Quiet Program was adopted by the City of Chicago in 1997 to reduce the noise impact on residents living around O’Hare airport. Currently, pilots and air traffic controllers are encouraged, but not mandated, to use Fly Quiet designated runways and flight tracks during nighttime hours. These routes direct aircraft over less-populated areas, such as forest preserves and highways, as well as commercial and industrial areas to reduce the impact of noise on residential neighborhoods.
HJRCA 26, sponsored by Speaker Michael Madigan and 46 of his Democratic House colleagues that would increase income taxes by $1 Billion failed to win the required House super-majority vote on Thursday.

As a constitutional amendment, the failed measure required a three-fifths majority (71 votes) in order to gain House approval. After getting to 68 votes in a tense roll call (with three Democrats voting “No”), the Speaker ordered the roll call to be dumped and the measure placed on the calendar order of “Consideration Postponed.”
Despite looming deadline, Democrats again refuse to pass a balanced budget for FY16. 

The Illinois Constitution requires the State to annually pass a balanced budget in which revenues match mandated expenditures.

Strong rumors circulated on Friday, May 22 that Democrats were preparing another unbalanced budget for FY16, the fiscal year starting July 1, 2015. This budget may get filed in the week starting Memorial Day, May 25.

This phony budget is expected to commit $4 billion that Illinois does not have to the Democrats’ spending priorities. Governor Bruce Rauner has proposed a different budget for Illinois and has strengthened his calls for the State’s government to live within its means.

Budget – FY16
Despite deadline, Democrats again refuse to pass balanced budget for FY16. The Illinois Constitution requires that the State annually pass a balanced budget in which revenues match mandated expenditures. One way that Speaker Madigan has been Speaker for 32 of the past 34 years is by passing a series of unbalanced budgets, which have all spent money the State has not had. He has curried favor with powerful interests and forced Republicans to be the villains whenever steps are taken to prevent the spending of imaginary money.
Last year, the Democrats who run the Illinois House and Senate passed a phony budget. It kept everybody happy by promising lots of spending. But it didn't raise nearly enough money to cover all that spending.

The governor signed it. That was Pat Quinn.

The voters saw right through it. They elected a new governor. That's Bruce Rauner.

And this year, having learned their lesson, the Democrats who run the Illinois House and Senate are ... wait. What? They're going to do it all over again?


They're apparently preparing to pass another phony budget, one that promises to spend much more money than the state has.

And the governor? Oh, that's right. There was an election.

Gov. Bruce Rauner spent his first months in office fixing the phony budget his predecessor signed. Read the Chicago Tribune editorial in its entirety.