Rep. Mike Murphy
99th District State Representative Mike Murphy is a Sangamon County native who made a name for himself in the restaurant industry before getting in to politics.
An avid bicycle rider, he participates in an annual trek across the state of Iowa.

  Rep. Lindsay Parkhurst 
Our guest today serves the residents of portions of Kankakee, Will, and Grundy Counties. She continues a family tradition of being committed to community volunteering and philanthropy and promoting community growth, and has dedicated her life to serving others as a mom, wife, daughter, aunt, and practicing attorney. She and her husband share a passion for family, friendships and food. Our guest is state representative Lindsay Parkhurst.

  Rep. Mike Marron
He’s a central Illinois farmer who has traveled the world representing the agricultural industry but has also found time to serve as the chairman of the Vermilion County Board. For relaxation he participates as a saddle bronc rider in rodeos. Our guest is State Representative Mike Marron.

Rep. Steve Reick
Our guest today says its time for Illinois lawmakers to “put their money where their mouth is,” stop talking about rooting out “waste, fraud and abuse” in Illinois government and actually do something about it. We will hear about 63rd District State Representative Steve Reick’s legislation which creates the Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform Act. In addition to other matters related to Springfield, we will hear about his attempt at being a walk-on with the University of Illinois basketball team and how his passion for cooking led to cooking up some quail tacos for colleagues and staff in Springfield.

Rep. Ryan Spain
When Ryan Spain became the youngest at-large member in Peoria City Council history, he garnered a reputation for educating himself on all sides of the issues. After following a legend into the Illinois House of Representatives, he is doing the same thing by working with members of both sides of the aisle on such issues as comprehensive redistricting reform.

Rep. John Cabello
He was born on an Army base in Ft. Hood Texas and got into politics in northern Illinois because he was fed up with his taxes going up and up but no new roads or schools. Now as a state representative he is known for telling it like it is as he deals with issues like the budget and the death penalty.

Our guest is 68th District State Representative John Cabello.

Rep. Randy Frese
State Representative Randy Frese's district is the home of the Quincy Veterans facility. Over the past couple of years it has been in the news because of a deadly Legionnaires’ outbreak. We get his reaction to the situation and also hear how proud he is of the facility.

On the personal side, it’s going to be a busy summer for his family….as he has two daughters getting married, and third daughter who is going to make him a grandfather for the first time….and she’s having twins.

Rep. Dave Severin
He comes from the southern most parts of the state of Illinois and he’s very proud of growing up in the district he serves. And, serving is what he is all about….spending over half of his life working in his family’s nursing home facility.

Now he puts that same attitude and enthusiasm into serving the people of the 117th District. Our guest today is State Representative Dave Severin.

Rep. Terri Bryant
With her wide variety of experience through her commitment to family, passion for her beliefs and value in leadership, following a 20 year career with the Department of Corrections, Terri Bryant decided to run for the Illinois House.

The 115th District State Representative is our guest on Have All Voted Who Wish.

Rep. Charlie Meier
While he’s taking on such issues as solar energy and the proposed mileage tax in this spring's session of the Illinois General Assembly, the of the people of the Murray Developmental Center, the residents of his 108th District, and his historical family farm are always close to his heart. State Representative Charlie Meier is our guest today.

  Rep. Dan Swanson
Rep. Dan Swanson is serving his first term in the Illinois House of Representatives, this after serving over 27 years in the Illinois Army National Guard and with the United States Army, culminating with the rank of Lt. Colonel.

He also helps attend to a fifth-generation family farm and works with "Homegrown by Heroes," whose mission it is to serve veterans. Our guest today is 74th District State Representative Dan Swanson.

Rep. Tony McCombie
State Representative Tony McCombie talks about respecting each others positions, creating jobs in Illinois and the need to reduce property taxes.

She also talks about her legislation to protect Illinois families and ensure the safety of state employees.

Rep. Tom Demmer
We talk with Rep. Tom Demmer about his thoughts on transparency, reform, and fiscal responsibility. He also tells us about his days riding his bicycle past President Reagan’s boyhood home, working in Vice President Cheney’s office at the White House and his family roots in Cubs baseball.

Rep. Norine Hammond
93rd District State Representative Norine Hammond talks about the spring session in Springfield including the budget, pension reform, and how to keep Illinois’ college students in their home state.

The Assistant Republican Leader also tells us about her love of county fairs, NASCAR, and visiting her family roots in Ireland.

Rep. Dan Brady
Rep. Dan Brady shares his views on the state budget, pension reform, higher education and more.

During "random questions" we learn his nickname, his frustrations with golf, and his love of fried chicken.

Rep. C.D. Davidsmeyer
State Representative C.D. Davidsmeyer has refiled his “Taxpayer’s Fiscal Charter” which he calls common-sense legislation in reforming the Illinois’ budget process by stopping wasteful spending, promoting a thirty-day payment cycle and requiring the State to make its full pension payment. We’ll talk about the legislation and his expectations of the spring session of the Illinois General Assembly.

We also hear about his time as a legislative assistant in Washington DC and what he has in common with the U.S Speaker of the House, the Pittsburg Steelers star quarterback, and Ginger from Gilligan’s Island.

Rep. Tom Bennett
State Representative Tom Bennett of Gibson City talks about his plans for the spring session and the changes in the process he believes are needed in order to accomplish real reform.

We also talk about his travels around his large 106th district, his days as a school teacher, Gospel singing, and time with his grandkids.

  Rep. David Welter
Rep. David Welter discusses his position on the House Energy committee and how having a number of nuclear power plants in his district gives him a unique perspective into the state’s energy needs. In addition the representative from Morris explains that an incident at a local county board meeting when he was still in high school provided the incentive to get in to politics, being elected to that county board at 19 and becoming its chairman at 23.

Rep. Keith Wheeler
When the subjects of jobs, unemployment, and small businesses come up on the House floor in Springfield, you can guarantee that State Representative Keith Wheeler (R-Oswego) will rise to be part of the conversation. We talk with him about those issues and what needs to be done to help Illinois grow jobs.  In getting to know more about the representative, we hear about his passion for Chicago Bears football, Walter Payton, U-2, and an educator who influenced him not only in school but who has been a source of motivation ever since.

Rep. Avery Bourne
While one of the youngest members of the Illinois General Assembly, State Representative Avery Bourne (R-Raymond) has brought a fresh perspective to the Illinois House of Representatives and this year she has been one of the key legislators in the overhaul of the state’s school aid formula, an effort that was years in the making. We talk with her about education in the state of Illinois, along with her legislation dealing with synthetic drugs and her fight for Illinois coal. We also touch on some of her passions when she has some time away from the capitol which includes family traditions that are all a part of her growing up in rural Illinois.

Rep. Tim Butler
Spawned by the demands of a rapidly changing America, historic Route 66 defined a remarkable era in our nation’s history. State Representative Tim Butler (R-Springfield) is proud of the fact that he is the only member of the Illinois General Assembly who actually lives on the historic highway. In our interview he talks about the highway that connected Chicago to St. Louis and what it means to the state of Illinois. In addition, he also discusses the upcoming state bicentennial celebration and his ancestor who was a member of the very first Illinois General Assembly.