Chicago Gears Up for Second NASCAR Street Race

With the thrilling 2024 NASCAR Chicago Street Race scheduled for July 6 - 7 in downtown Chicago, many preparations are needed in the busy city before the start of the event. Grant Park 165 is the second annual NASCAR Cup Series hosted through the streets of Chicago where everyday life occurs. What does this mean for the lives of Chicagoans?

Multiple road closures and parking restrictions around Congress Circle and Ida B. Wells Drive from Michigan Avenue to Columbus Drive are currently in place in preparation for the race. It is predicted that the closures and restrictions will be in place until July 18.

In a recent online survey conducted by The Harris Poll for Chicago residents, 39% of Chicago residents believe that Chicago hosting large events such as the NASCAR Street Race is beneficial to the city, while 32% believe that it is an inconvenience to the city. Similarly, only 24% of survey respondents think that this event is good for the residents in Chicago, while only 21% of city residents are interested in attending the race.

The City of Chicago and NASCAR officials have worked diligently to develop a strategic plan to benefit both the race and the everyday life routes for commuters or visitors. To aid the severity of the inconveniences of road closures and detours, the Executive Director of the Office of Emergency Management and Communications, Jose Tirado, has been working on ways to minimize the number of disruptions to those residing or visiting Chicago. Allowances have already been declared that certain places such as Maggie Daley Park, Cancer Survivor’s Garden, and the Museum Campus will remain open as normal during this busy time. Multiple pedestrian pathways such as Columbus Underpass and the Chicago Lakefront Bicycle Path will be open to ensure pedestrian traffic can flow easier as well. All businesses and residents will be accessible during the preparation of the event, during the event, and during the take down of the event. Chicago is setting its residents and visitors up for a much more enjoyable NASCAR Street Race period.