Schmidt highlights support of legislation benefitting Seniors

State Representative Kevin Schmidt (R-Cahokia Heights) is supporting legislation aimed at providing support to senior citizens in Illinois. These bills are designed to address the financial challenges that many seniors face, particularly concerning property taxes and healthcare.

“Our seniors have spent their lives building our communities. Now, it’s our turn to ensure they can live with the dignity, respect, and support they deserve,” said Schmidt. “I support these bills because they provide tangible, impactful relief so the seniors in our community can enjoy their golden years without the undue burden of financial stress.”

HB1074 increases the maximum income limitation for the senior freeze to $73,700 for the 2024 taxable year. HB1274 standardizes the senior citizens homestead exemption to $8,000 across all counties and raises the maximum income limitation for the senior citizens assessment freeze to $75,000. HB1219 allows seniors to deduct Medicare premiums from their annual household income to qualify for the Low-Income Senior Citizens Assessment Freeze Homestead Exemption.

HB2188 shifts the responsibilities of investigating Medicaid fraud from the Illinois State Police to the Office of the Attorney General, ensuring a more streamlined process. HB4178 enables legally responsible family caregivers to be reimbursed for providing personal care or home health aide services, recognizing the vital role they play in caring for medically fragile relatives.