La Ha backed fair funding for special ed bill in Gov's hands

Legislation co-sponsored by Illinois State Representative Nicole La Ha ensuring all children with disabilities receive the support and resources they need to thrive academically now awaits the Governor's signature.

When enacted, Senate Bill 3606 will create a fair reimbursement rate for special education day schools. The bill addresses tuition payment adjustments for children placed in separate public special education day schools. It adjusts state reimbursement rates going to public schools for high cost, high need, special education students. Currently, only public schools sending high need special education individuals to private special education schools get any reimbursement. With the passage of SB 3606, all school districts will be eligible for state reimbursement.

“Senate Bill 3606 represents a crucial step forward in ensuring that children with disabilities receive the quality education they deserve, regardless of the setting,” said  La Ha, chief co-sponsor of SB 3606. “I am grateful for this bill’s passage as I know the tremendous impact it will have on children with disabilities and their families.”

The Illinois Association of Administrators of Special Education advocated for passage of SB 3606 and thanked Rep. La Ha for her support.

“The passage of SB 3606 is the culmination of decades of advocacy for placement neutral special education funding in the State of Illinois. This bill will provide school districts with the same level of funding from the State regardless of whether a student is recommended for a public or private therapeutic special education school. The Illinois Alliance of Administrators of Special Education appreciates Representative La Ha’s support and applauds her dedication to the education of students with disabilities.”