Hauter bill awaiting Governor's signature improves medical care for bleeding disorder patients

Illinois State Representative Bill Hauter's legislation making it easier for those with bleeding disorders to receive medical care without the delay of insurance preauthorization, awaits the Governor's signature. 

Hauter's bill puts patients first by removing the emergency room visit requirement for insurance pre-authorization ensuring patients with bleeding disorders get the prompt acute care they need.

“Those with bleeding disorders are oftentimes required to go to the emergency department, which delays care, is crowded or unable to handle their condition and then they have to be transferred to another ED for definitive care and factor," explained Hauter. "This can all be avoided if these patients can just simply go to their specialty physician and pharmacy." 

After passing in the House of Representatives, State Senator Dave Koehler sponsored the legislation in the Senate chamber where it also received unanimous support. The bill has been sent to the Governor for his signature.

Watch the debate on the House Floor here: