Hammond's bill aimed at shoring up roads and bridges now in Senate

Legislation filed by State Representative Norine Hammond to assist local road districts with funding challenges was unanimously passed by the Illinois House last month.

House Bill 5190 provides that the allocation to road districts shall be made in the same manner and be subject to the same conditions and qualifications as are provided by current law concerning the allocation to road districts of the amount allotted from the Motor Fuel Tax Fund for apportionment to counties for the use of road districts. It further provides that any funds allocated to a county that are not obligated within 48 months shall be considered lapsed funds and reappropriated in the same fund. The lapsed funds shall be used to provide additional monetary assistance to townships and road districts that have insufficient funding for the construction of bridges that are 20 feet or more in length.

Hammond’s legislation is an initiative of the Illinois Association of County Engineers.

“My legislation addresses the funding challenges that local road districts have had concerning maintaining roads and bridges by updating the current funding formula for local road districts,” said Rep. Hammond. “I’m grateful to the Illinois Association of County Engineers for working with me on this issue and I thank my House colleagues for their unanimous support.”

House Bill 5190 passed the Illinois House on a vote of 114-0-0 and now goes to the Illinois Senate for further consideration.