Haas' patient centric healthcare bill awaits Governor's signature

State Representative Jackie Haas's legislation headed to the Governor for his signature will expand patient centric healthcare options for Illinois residents. Senate Bill 3599 requires insurers to cover Mobile Integrated Healthcare services for eligible recipients starting January 1, 2026. An eligible recipient is a person who has received emergency hospital services three times in four consecutive months or for whom Mobile Integrated Healthcare services would prevent hospital admission or readmission.

Mobile Integrated Healthcare programs deliver a high level of care provided by  emergency medical services personnel in a location that is best for the patient. These individualized programs reduce unnecessary emergency room visits and hospital readmission rates, resulting in lower costs for patients.

“The passage of SB 3599 is a huge win for Illinoisans, as this will make community-based mobile integrated health care services available when medically necessary,” said Rep. Haas. “This may be offered as an alternative to the more costly utilization of emergency medical services accessed through 911 and emergency departments. This bill allows for the creation of billing codes that will permit insurance and managed care companies to fund the services provided by Mobile Integrated Healthcare units.”

Mobile Integrated Healthcare services are provided on-site by emergency medical services personnel. This model acts as an alternative to bringing patients with chronic medical conditions to overcrowded emergency departments by allowing care to be administered outside of a hospital environment.

"This bill saves time and money for patients and healthcare workers," concluded Haas. "I appreciate the continued bipartisan support for this bill and look forward to finding other solutions to some of the complex problems in our healthcare system.”