Rural taxpayers benefit from Fritts measure

Legislation introduced by State Representative Bradley Fritts earlier this year will benefit taxpayers in small rural towns throughout Illinois. Working with the Illinois Comptroller's office and township officials, Fritts crafted legislation that ensures accountability and reduces burdensome costs for small rural communities.  House Bill 5011 passed out of the House of Representatives with unanimous support on April 18.

“I am thrilled with the passage of HB 5011,” said Rep. Fritts. “This bipartisan bill, crafted with collaboration from the Comptroller’s office and the Township Officials of Illinois, will help save money for taxpayers in townships by changing the requirements on yearly audits.”

Under current law, every township in Illinois with combined revenues over $850,000 is required to pay for a yearly audit performed by a Certified Public Accountant. HB 5011 will change the requirement to once every four years for townships that generate a revenue of less than $1.4 million per year and every two years for those that generate more than $1.4 million per year.

"Smaller townships in rural areas often struggle to pay for these yearly audits, if they can even find an auditor, which forces them to raise property tax levies to cover the expense," concluded Fritts. "Rural Illinoisans have been hit with consistent increases in taxes and this bill will finally give rural residents the break they deserve.”

The legislation has advanced to the Senate.