Rep. Patrick Sheehan wastes no time getting to work in Springfield

With only six weeks left in the legislative schedule, newly minted State Representative Patrick Sheehan wasted no time getting to work on behalf of his constituents.

In his statement to the press last week, Sheehan said he couldn't wait to hit the ground running for suburban families. And, hit the ground running is exactly what he did.

Sheehan was sworn into office on Friday to fill the vacancy left by the retiring Representative Tim Ozinga and by Monday he was in the State Capitol voting his District's interests on the raucous floor of the Illinois House of Representatives. The whirlwind day included meeting his staff for the first time, moving into his office, hearing testimony in committee, attending a Caucus meeting, listening to floor debate and preparing to do even more on day two.

Serving as a Police Officer for nearly two decades, making Illinois safe for families is Sheehans’s mission. He will continue working to build trust between law enforcement and residents and for safer communities. He advocates for proactive strategies to fight crime in the highest-crime neighborhoods.

Sheehan is dedicated to serving as a voice for seniors, parents, and hardworking taxpayers, working collaboratively to create a safer and more affordable Illinois.

Recognizing the outrageous impact inflation has on families across suburban communities, Sheehan supports capping gasoline taxes and eliminating the grocery tax, while ensuring stable local government revenues.

Furthermore, Sheehan believes in enacting policies in Springfield to recruit job creators back to Illinois. By expanding the tax base with a more business-friendly environment, we can avoid tax hikes on residents and job creators.

Sheehan brings a wealth of experience and dedication to his role as State Representative as a former police officer, an Alderman and through his involvement in local youth-base initiatives. 

Sheehan resides in Lockport with wife and their five children.