New Law Empowers Parents of Children with Special Needs

Senate Bill 188, providing important new protections for parents of children with special needs was enacted in the New Year. The legislation introduced in the Illinois Senate by Sen. Steve McClure and sponsored in the House of Representative by Rep. CD Davidsmeyer makes it easier for parents to access the health records of their children.

Under prior Illinois law, parents faced hurdles in accessing medical records and test results for children aged 12-17, resulting in challenges when trying to make critical medical decisions.

"This change in the law ensures that a parent or legal HIPAA representative can have access to health records while ensuring that doctors can still withhold the information when any type of abuse is suspected," said Davidsmeyer.

As a parent and advocate for families in her community, Rep. Nicole La Ha is a strong supporter of the new law, which closes this loophole and ensures that parents of children with special needs have the ability to access necessary medical information. The law will empower parents to make informed decisions and provide the best care for their children.

“Every parent of a child with special needs deserves the peace of mind and confidence that comes with having access to their child’s medical records,” said La Ha. “I’m proud to support this legislation that ensures no parent faces unnecessary complications when seeking important medical information for their child. I want to personally thank Senator McClure for his hard work on this critical piece of legislation.”

SB188 is a crucial step in supporting families and ensuring that children with special needs receive the care and attention they deserve. La Ha extends her gratitude to her colleagues in the Illinois General Assembly for their support in passing this important legislation.