Illinois Capitol reno led by steady hand of Andrea Aggertt

As part of the 2019 Rebuild Illinois capital plan, $350 million was appropriated to renovate the Capitol Complex including the Capitol and Stratton Office Buildings as well as the surrounding parking areas. The state hired Andrea Aggertt to lead the effort as the new Architect of the Illinois State Capitol. Since that time she helped develop and is currently executing a long-range plan to oversee repair, rehabilitation, construction and renovation projects on the Capitol Complex. And, she has hit the ground running. 

With Aggertt at the helm, the Capitol has undergone major renovations in various phases. The first two phases began in 2020/21 and are mostly completed. Those phases included the demolition of the north wing basements, rerouting of sewer lines, asbestos abatement and a new mechanical room. Phase 3 includes the construction of a parking garage that is expected to be completed by the end of 2023. Phase 4 encompasses the north wing renovations that include the Senate chamber and offices that should be completed in early 2025.

In June, Aggertt provided reporters with a tour of the renovations showcasing the expansive construction projects. Capitol News Illinois documented the tour with amazing photos. 

You can follow the renovations on the Architect of the Capitol Instagram @illinoisstatecapitolcomplex.