Budget Watch

The Governor and Democratic leaders announced this afternoon that they have finally crafted a budget, patting themselves on the back for coming to an agreement with themselves six days after their own deadline.

The Senate President indicated the budget will be called in his chamber this evening and expects the House to take it up on Friday. They did not include specifics in their announcement but generally spoke about several expansive new programs that will be funded in their budget, neglecting to mention costs or revenue sources.

To-date the Democratic supermajority has shut out House Republicans, refusing to allow any input or even answer questions. Nevertheless, we remain committed to holding the supermajority accountable to the people of Illinois, as is the job of the minority party. 

Rest assured, when the budget finally is presented to the House we will do everything in our power to shed light on budget line items and fight on behalf of Illinois taxpayers footing the bill for the Democrats’ ferocious appetite for new spending.

Watch this site for more information as the budget makes its way through the General Assembly.