Decision-remorse plaguing Safe-T Act supporters

Buyer’s remorse – you know that feeling of regret in the pit in your stomach after you make a hasty and expensive purchase. At times the remorse anxiety causes us to simply justify our purchase so we can live with the decision, other times it compels us to return the purchase for a full refund. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) even has a “cooling off” rule that gives consumers 3 days to cancel certain types of purchases because the FTC recognizes rushed and high pressure decisions are not always the best ones.

Illinois Democrats are beginning to experience a similar kind of remorse after their decision to vote for legislation that has ultimately resulted in increased crime and violence. Decision remorse is plaguing Democrats who now have to answer to their communities experiencing the mayhem left in the wake of the hastily passed SAFE-T Act. Democratic lawmakers who made calls to defund police departments now have seen the disastrous results of their actions and are racing to “refund the police”. Unfortunately for victims of violent crime, it is too little too late.

In part, due to the Safe-T Act, violent crimes like car-jackings, aggravated assaults, and murders are spiking in Illinois. If Democrats don’t collaborate with Republicans, our law enforcement partners, and community leaders to develop comprehensive and workable solutions, the Land of Lincoln will continue to see crime spiral out of control. In 2021:
  • Chicago’s murder rate was the deadliest in 25 years with 836 homicides.
    • 98 of those homicide victims were under the age of 18. 
    • And, 12 were under the age of 10.
  • There were 4,300 gunshot victims in the City of Chicago, the highest number of any other city in our nation.
  • Nine law enforcement officers were killed in the line of duty.
Our brave police and victims of violent crime are running out of time. It is time for action. It is time to repeal the Safe-T Act and for Democrats to admit their haste has caused unneeded pain and suffering for Illinoisans. All members of the General Assembly must be working in the same direction to stifle crime, support our police, and craft real solutions to keep Illinois families safe.

Perhaps the General Assembly needs a cooling off period to rethink bills that are rammed through the legislative process without benefit of public hearings or consideration of unintended consequences. Until then, repealing the SAFE-T Act is the safest course of action for Illinois’ 12 million citizens. If you agree, sign the petition to repeal the Safe-T Act. 

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