Growing jobs, creating opportunities

Imagine an Illinois with limitless opportunities.

This year’s Census figures look to confirm a troubling trend: more people are leaving our state in search of opportunities elsewhere. Neighboring states and other regions of the country are surging ahead, while we lag behind. Economic development coordinators in every part of the state all have their stories of the big job-creator they hoped to land, only to see them pick a different state with a better jobs climate. 
Illinoisans don’t like the idea of having to leave their home state to find job opportunities. Nor do we like having to travel to another state to visit kids and grandkids.

We can’t continue this way.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could create those opportunities here? If we could build a jobs climate in Illinois that would help us create and retain good-paying jobs? If we could reverse those embarrassing out-migration numbers and once again make Illinois a leader in job creation?

“Imagine an Illinois with a growing economy and opportunities for all our families,” said Rep. Jeff Keicher, sponsor of legislation to create apprenticeship and incubator programs to help train employees and grow businesses. “Imagine an Illinois where we work with job creators to develop an economy that’s adaptable and innovative for tomorrow’s needs.”
Not only do we have the opportunity to create jobs and keep families from leaving the state, but with enough economic growth and development here in Illinois we can generate more tax revenue for state government and make progress on the many fiscal challenges we face.

To create these opportunities, House Republicans have laid out a four-part plan: encourage investment across Illinois through promoting our infrastructure and enacting sound economic policies; care for families by ensuring access to health care and forward-thinking solutions for working parents; make Illinois a leader in providing our workforce with the skills they need to compete in tomorrow’s economy; and eliminate the overregulation and mandates on businesses which have made Illinois so unattractive for investment and job creation.

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