12 Illinois Historic Landmarks you should visit

Illinois will be celebrating its 200th birthday in 2018 and has hundreds of historic landmarks that tell the story of this great state.

Be part of history and the Illinois Bicentennial.

Plan your trip in amazing Illinois.

Learn more travel and Illinois history.

Here are 12 Illinois historic landmarks you should visit in 2018:
  1. Nobel-Seymour Crippen House 
  2. Ulysses S. Grant House
  3. Graham Building
  4. B. Harley Bradley House
  5. Steeple Building
  6. Woodstock Opera House 
  7. David Davis Mansion 
  8. Broadwell Inn & Tavern of Clayville
  9. Beecher Hall and Illinois College
  10. Fort de Chartres 
  11. Joseph Smith House 
  12. New Philadelphia