Rep. Swanson: 'Learn a veteran's story'

The cold November rain had stopped and a chilled breeze fluttered the flags in front of the Knox County Courthouse Sunday afternoon. Only a little while earlier, generations of armed forces veterans marched down Main Street, in front of buildings that have stood for decades. Buildings with names like Bondi and Hill. Buildings that have had the feet of veterans of the Civil War and the Great War, all now gone, walk in front of them; that have seen years of World War II and Korean War veterans pass by. Sunday, the feet of those who served in Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan marched past. The marching ended at the Courthouse, where memorials to the generations of veterans stand.

It was there that state Rep. Daniel M. Swanson, R-Alpha, himself a man who served 27 years in the military, including a tour of duty in Iraq, paid tribute to the men and women of these generations. After serving as grand marshal of the parade, Swanson spoke of how those listening could honor America’s veterans.

“When you see a veteran, don’t be afraid to ask questions,” Swanson told the crowd. “To learn a veteran’s story. If you see a veteran with a hat, distinguishing their military service ... don’t be afraid to talk to them. First, simply say thank you.” Read the entire story.