Representative Mike Tryon Advances Business-Friendly Environmental Bills

Calling it “common sense” legislation that would make it easier for companies to attain long-term contracts for the recycling and resale of a byproduct of the steel manufacturing industry, State Representative Mike Tryon was successful on Monday in advancing his HB 6032.

HB 6032 seeks to amend the Environmental Protection Act by excluding steel slag products from the definition of “waste,” and allows it to be sold and distributed for use or further processing into other commodities. “Steel slag is a valuable commodity that is used, among other things, as an aggregate material in the construction industry,” said Tryon. “Today, companies must apply annually for a special permit before the material can be sold or repurposed. This prevents them from being competitive in the marketplace. By codifying steel slag as a non-waste item in statute, more long-term contracts for supply can be signed, which will help save a hurting industry.” Read more.