Rep. Keith Wheeler applauds Governor's Executive Order to modernize Illinois’ technology

State Rep. Keith Wheeler (R-Oswego), a 25-year small business owner of an information technology consulting firm, applauded Governor Bruce Rauner’s action today to create the new Illinois Department of Innovation and Technology (DoIT). The agency will transform the state’s information technology functions into one agency to provide better service to Illinois residents and businesses.

The Governor signed Executive Order 16-01 on Monday creating a strategic, statewide technology plan to accelerate Illinois’ modernization. All information technology decisions and spending will be centralized and consolidated under this new agency. DoIT will develop statewide IT solutions that take a 360-degree view of a resident or business. This will allow the state to use data to provide more tailored services while reducing inefficiencies and costs to taxpayers.

"Saving taxpayer dollars and making state government more efficient and accountable in the use of technology is a significant step forward,” Rep. Wheeler said. “For the past 25 years, my private-sector career has been providing IT solutions to Chicagoland’s best small businesses, not-for-profits, local governments, and public safety agencies. I am very excited to see the State of Illinois moving in the direction of modernizing our IT infrastructure to better serve Illinois families and taxpayers.” Read more.