Editorial: Madigan ignores real needs

Members of the Illinois Senate will meet for their first session of 2016 Wednesday. Their counterparts in the Illinois House will not convene until Jan. 27 because Speaker Michael Madigan told The Associated Press, “the workload is not there.”

Excuse us?

Apparently, Madigan and his supporters do not consider the lack of a 2015 budget — that’s right, the state has operated since last spring without a budget — important enough to consider part of the House members’ workload.

This tale of a political standoff between the majority Democratic leadership in the General Assembly and Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner is growing old — and frustrating.

The Democrats want to restore the income tax increase — the law that pushed the income tax rate to 5 percent also included a provision for it to expire — along with spending cuts. Rauner said he would consider a tax increase — if the Legislature would pass a package of reforms that mostly target business interests. Read the rest of the editorial in the Danville Commercial-News.