In retiring from Legislature, Moffitt still puts the people first

Even before Illinois legislative mapmakers drew chunks of our region into state Rep. Don Moffitt’s Illinois House district four years ago, he already was working for our community’s interest.

So we were disappointed to learn that this 23-year veteran of the Illinois Statehouse and friend of the Quad-Cities is not seeking re-election. The Republican made the announcement at his annual Moffitt Family Farm Picnic in Gilson Sunday.

“Everyone leaves the General Assembly ... Some are carried out, some are voted out, and some leave on their own terms, and I have chosen to leave on my own terms,” Rep. Moffitt reportedly said.

It was welcome, but hardly surprising news that his own terms included a commitment to finishing out his term. That ensures it will be voters of this sprawling district who will decide who replaces him, not party leaders or the officeholder himself who will choose his replacement.

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