House Democrats Advance Unbalanced One Month Budget

Today, Illinois House Democrats amended and passed a one-month budget that sets Illinois on a path to a $36 billion unbalanced budget. The spending plan doesn’t match projected revenues and it is anticipated that Governor Rauner will veto the legislation. However, prior to arriving on the Governor’s desk the legislation will head back to the Senate due to a late amendment.

The partisan vote was yet another clear indication House Democrats continue to focus their efforts to force a tax increase without any concessions to the Governor who has consistently insisted that any revenue must be accompanied by fundamental reforms to Illinois government.

 Earlier in the week, Governor Rauner went before the media and called for the Speaker to either put up a tax increase to pay for the budget that was proposed or come back to the negotiating table to discuss the turnaround agenda. The Governor’s agenda was again filed this week and incorporated many changes requested by legislators.