Republicans united against Madigan games

Sham hearings continue - this time on right-to-work

Continuing to put partisan game-playing before progress, House Speaker Michael Madigan again today moved to divide the legislature by prematurely pushing a right-to-work proposal onto the House floor, dropping the language a few short hours before the vote. This is the latest in a series of un-negotiated proposals that forced Republicans to unite in protest against Madigan and the Democrats’ game-playing.

For several weeks House Democrats have been working diligently to divide Illinoisans by pushing several sham budget bills and lopsided legislative "hearings" meant to bolster the super-majority party’s credentials with organized labor at the expense of taxpayers.

At the culmination of a nearly daylong "hearing" Thursday, House Republicans expressed unity against Democrat shenanigans by refusing to cast a single YES vote in support of Madigan’s right-to-work Proposal (HB 1286, House Floor Amendment #2). Individual members of the Republican Caucus expressed their disappointment at the counterproductive way Speaker Madigan is conducting the business of the General Assembly this spring.

The right-to-work vote follows two weeks of "hearings" on billions of dollars and hundreds of pages of budget bills that did not go through the committee process, worker’s compensation reforms that did not go through the committee process, and tort reforms that did not go through the committee process.

It’s clear that while Illinois is facing an unprecedented budget crisis, Democrats in control would rather scheme to score political points than work across party lines to actually solve the problems their policies have created.