Rehired By City One Day After Retirement

Legislation recently passed in the House by Rep. Grant Wehrli would prevent costly “double dipping” in the downstate law enforcement pension system. House Bill 1320 eliminates a loop hole that has allowed some retired police officers to receive an annuity from a Downstate Police Fund while at the same time receiving a full salary as a chief of police. Moving forward, it also ensures that a retired police officer cannot return to active service as a full-time police officer of any municipality without first suspending their pension. 

Two Investigations
They retire as Chicago police officers and get rehired by the city, doubling up on two taxpayer subsidized paychecks, one for a civilian job and the other for a police pension.

The Better Government Association and CBS 2 Investigators found that some even get hired back in a day to jobs at the top of the police department, all at a time when the police pension fund is only about 30 percent funded. Read more by CBSlocal.