Flag display bill inspired by Hopedale Marine’s family passes Illinois House

Legislation inspired by the funeral of Marine Corps Maj. Reid B. Nannen of Hopedale passed the Illinois House Tuesday, the latest step in an effort to allow state and national flags to fly at half-staff in honor of Illinois military personnel killed while training or on active duty. The bill is sponsored by State Representative Keith Sommer (R-Morton).

“With this change we can correct a mistake in Illinois’ Flag Display Act which only allows flags at state facilities to be flown half-staff for Illinoisans killed by hostile fire instead of including those who are lost while training for active duty,” Sommer said.

The bill passed the House Veterans Affairs committee last month following testimony from Dale Nannen of Hopedale, Reid Nannen’s father. Dale Nannen testified that Marines who came to his son’s funeral commented to him on their surprise at seeing flags in Illinois not lowered to half-staff. He also mentioned that friends had told him that flags in Nevada, the site of the accident, had been lowered to half-staff the day after the crash. Read more.